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KINDRED: Lori Vrba, Tobia Makover, Dawn Surratt and Sal Taylor Kydd


Kindred Exhibition 2019

This spring saw four artists come together in a group show in Savannah entitled Kindred. Tobia Makover, Dawn Surratt, Lori Vrba and Sal Taylor Kydd are four women who have long been admirers of each others work, and were interested in embracing a new philosophy of artistic endeavor, with a focus on collaboration and community; with artists working together to lift each other up as a collective, in a movement they are calling Tribe. This video by Addison Brown shares the unique experience of Kindred.

Kindred Vimeo from Addison Brown on Vimeo.

“I do everything I can to surround myself with artists who believe in taking risks, taking charge, and taking others along for the ride”.  comments Vrba. “I believe it’s time we acknowledge the need for a pretty radical shift in how we pursue a sustainable career in the arts.  I am fortunate to know and work with brave, giving, and wildly creative people.  Tobia, Dawn, and Sal are the epitome of this spirit and creating this exhibition has been a true highlight of my year.”


©Installation by Lori Vrba 2019


Tobia Makover took on the role of producing the show and suggested using an empty house she had purchased as studio space, for the show. The house provided the blank canvas they needed to create an immersive photographic installation; using a variety of media but sharing a similar aesthetic, they sought to push the boundaries of what a fine art photographic experience could be.


©Tobia Makeover and Lori Vrba, 2019

“Curating is not dictating what is good or worthy.” says Makover.  “It is a way to build a bridge, to create a link…  and the relief that you are not alone.  When we shine light on others, it lights us all up.  Finding an ever expanding, always evolving group of artists that support each other and believe in each other is my everything. We are stronger together.  Together we can be seen and heard.”


©Detail Tobia Makeover 2019

For each of the artists, photography provides the jumping off point to create objects, prints, books, assemblages and poetry. The work is romantic, but also provoking and at times surreal, with each artist exploring themes of memory, loss, home and identity.


Poetry Sal Taylor Kydd 2019

“The empathy of objects and their powerful ability to comfort and connect us to memory and emotion is something that resonates with each of us.” Says Dawn Surratt.  “I think we all felt it was very important for the viewer to have unique experiences to be able to interact with what was before them. “


©Installation by Dawn Surratt 2019


©Installation Detail Dawn Surratt, 2019

These artists have all exhibited throughout the country and internationally, with their work included in private and institutional collections. They are together, manifesting a new way of living and working within a creative life that rejects the history of artistic competition as a marker of traditional success.


©Installation by Sal Taylor Kydd 2019

Night Vision

©Installation Detail Sal Taylor Kydd 2019

“Our goal was to explore how we could look beyond the traditional gallery model to create something new,” says Kydd.  “The pop up exhibition was just the beginning. After the show, we did an online marketplace and we have now installed the work in two locations of Paris Market in downtown Savannah and Palmetto Bluff. We are constantly talking about innovative ways to come together and share our work. Besides it being a great way to show what we do, its always fun to spend time with friends and fellow artists who are literally, kindred spirits. ”


©Sal Taylor Kydd and Lori Vrba 2019


Kindred opening

Kindred, featuring the work of Dawn Surratt, Lori Vrba, Sal Taylor Kydd and Tobia Makover is now on view at Paris Market in downtown Savannah and at Palmetto Bluff.

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