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The Favorite Photograph You Took in 2022 Exhibition, Part 12

301-Efi_Laskari - Efi Laskari

@Efi Laskari, Play, Athens, GR, @efi_laskari

302-carmen cervera - Carmen Cervera

©Carmen Cervera, Dandy, Felix (Almería, Spain), @yonosoylabaronesa

303-SeanDu - Sean Du

©Sean Du, Nadahini Mountain, British Columbia, Canada, @seanduphoto

304-Xhesika-Prifti_Photo - jessica prifti

©Xhesika Prifti, A curve to the sky, Florence, IT, @jessicaprifti

305-inbound8484099366083787876 - Кристина Пеева

©Kristina Peeva, Ageless music for ageless people

306-joy Steve Wing - steve

©Steve Wing, Joy, Treasure Island,FL

307-Octavian Costea - Octavian Alexandru

©Octavian Costea, Time, Pompeii, IT

308-1 (15) - Mike Phy

©Michael Mbugua, Heavy is the crown, Nairobi, Kenya, @mikephy__

309-Viet Van Tran - viet van Tran

©Viet Van Tran, Youth of Old Havana, Old Havana, Cu Ba

310-Logan Tansey - Ness

©Logan Tansey, Represent Heaven, Dartmouth, MA

311-Aishik Das (the magical scape ) - Aishik Das

©Aishik Das,Magical scape , Tal Chhapar India, @aishik_das_photography

312-ElizabethWiese - Elizabeth Wiese

©Elizabeth Wiese, Before the Curtain, Norwell, MA

North Fork Symmetry by Alex Ferrone

©Alex Ferrone, North Fork Symmetry, Cutchogue, NY

314-ChristineNoe_Lens_2022 - Christine Noe

©Christine Vassaux Noe, Mamie et Papi, Dizy Le-Gros, France

315-PamelaZaremba_Diverted_Flight_Queens_NY - Pamela Vlahakis

©Pamela Zaremba, Diverted Flight, Queens, NY, @zarembaphoto

316-Laurie Morrison - Laurie Morrison

©Laurie Morrison, M is for Motor, (GM Plant) St. Catharines, ON, Canada, @lamorri

317-IMG_20221211_211442 - Aditi Sharma

©Aditi Sharma, Light Painting, Rajouri, J&K

318-THEN AND NOW(Shreyas Mondal) - SM Clicks & Arts

©Shreyas Mondal, Varanasi, India


©Melanie Schoeniger, Fleur d’eaux, Koh Samui, Thailand

Green/Red - Abstract

©Myra M. Mayer, Jealousy, Greenville, SC,

321-Kylo-Patrick Hart -

©Kylo-Patrick Hart, 𝘌𝘮𝘦𝘳𝘨𝘦𝘯𝘤𝘦, Barcelona, Spain, @hartkylo

322-Tianhu Yuan - Tianhu Yuan

©Tianhu Yuan, Xiao Sheng, Chengdu, China

323-Daanish Islam - Daanish Islam

©Daanish Islam, Reflection after Rain, Ranchi, India, @daanish_islam

324-Richard ONeill_Malibu Sunset Surf_Malibu California_ 2022 - Richard O'Neill

©Richard O’Neill,Malibu Sunset Surf, Malibu, CA

325-Filippo_Barbero - Filippo Barbero

©Filippo Barbero, From my ongoing project “Borderland”, 2022 – Italy, @filippo_barbero_

326-ANDRE-CEREZO-3FF3F7E8-B043-46E4-93AB-60AF66718733 - Andre Cerezo

©Andre Cerezo, Empire State Building, New York, NY, @andrecherryy

327-Faustinus_Deraet - faustinus deraet

©Faustinus Deraet, Observing James White, Austin, TX, @faustinus

328-Suzanne Theodora White, Warmer, Appleton, Maine-1 - Suzanne T White

©Suzanne Theodora White, Warmer, Appleton, Maine

329-Charlotte Greenwood__Panoptes__Cliché-verre, cameraless photograph - Charlotte Greenwood

©Charlotte Greenwood, Panoptes, London,

330-Backyard_KristenjoyEmack-1 - Kristen Joy Emack

©Kristen Joy Emack, Backyard, Cambridge, MA, @kristenjoyemack

331-Diane Leach - Diane Leach

©Diane Leach, Blue, Albany, CA, @dianesleach

332-LEAMIRANDAMONTEIRO - Léa Miranda Monteiro

©Lea MIRANDA MONTEIRO, “BE Yond”, Tarrafal, Cape Verde (Africa)

333-Lemke_Patty_Light_Brigade - Patty Lemke

©Patty Lemke, Light Brigade, Venice CA, @pattylemke

334-Teri_Figliuzzi - Teri Figliuzzi

©Teri Figliuzzi, Luminous, New York, NY

335-JennyAbramson - Jenny Abramson

©Jenny Helbraun Abramson, Watching Other Birds Take Flight, Sebastopol, CA

336-Mikayla-Shuster - Mikayla Shuster

©Mikayla Shuster, Mom and Baby, Hampshire, IL, @mikayla.shuster

337-Curtis Shannon - Curtis Shannon

©Curtis Shannon, Succulents, Atlanta, GA, @_cshnn_

338-Magruder_Jenny - Jenny Magruder

©Jenny Magruder, Untitled, Buffalo, NY

339-JosephONeill - Joeiamone1

©Joseph O’Neill, Pattern 7285, New York City, NY, @joeiam2

340-IMG_20221210_222026_380 - Aston Kuseka

©Aston Kuseka, Door-to-Door, Ndola City, Zambia

341-StandNo2_by_Kelly_O'Leary - kelly oleary

©Kelly O’Leary, Stand No.2, St. Augustine, FL

342-Marinos Vomvas - Marinos Vomvas

©Marinos Vomvas, Skate park, Venice Beach, CA, @vomvas.marinos

343-mccabe-lauren-ire2022 - Lauren McCabe

©Lauren Mccabe, A Line to the Sea, Donnegal, Ireland

Tery Fugate-Wilcox, art maker,  Shakespeare's Fvlcrvm, Warren Street, Hudson, New York

©Scott Keidong, Artist In Gallery Doorway, Hudson, NY

People join together to light a candle and pray as the annual event on Thursday 12 May in Fatima, Portugal. The Sanctuary of Fátima annually welcomes hundred of thousands of pilgrims and tourists. Many come to participate in the celebrations that commemorate the apparitions of Our Lady to the three witness of Fátima. Fatima is one of the most important religious pilgrimage sites in the world. Pilgrims travel to Fatima year round but the 13th of the months of May to October are the days that celebrate the apparitions of the Virgin Mary to the three shepherd children at the Cova da Iria ( a valley) in the parish of Fatima in 1917

©Zed Jameson, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Fatima, Portugal

346-Sarah_Deane - Sarah Deane

©Sarah Deane, Balloons, Galway, Ireland

347-DarkLight2021 - Light Dark

©DarkLight2021, The Tree inside the Pavilion, Hong Kong, @darklight20211

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