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Boris Austin

British Photographer, Boris Austin, shared a recent body of work he completed on the survivors of the Sichuan earthquake in China. He set out to find and interview the survivors (along with journalist Janis Vougioukas). Their goal was to find 10 people who were “featured in iconic news images of the earthquake to find out how their lives had changed.” Needless to say, this was not an easy task, but certainly important to revisit the landscape and the people that suffered so tremendously. Sichuan Survivors is presented as a slide show on his site and will appear in a special Earthquake Anniversary Issue in Stern Magazine.

Boris has also been selected as a winner for the 2009 Magenta Emerging Photographers Award, won the Golden Mercur Award in 2008 for best reportage, and has had two articles featured in Stern Magazine this year. He has several interesting series on China relating to the Olympics and the affects of redevelopment and change in that part of the world.

Images from Sichuan Surviors

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