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Olivier E. Laude, RdH.

All I can say is that San Francisco photographer,Olivier D. Laude, is someone I would like to know. I’ll let him tell you about himself, in his own words.

In France, in Lille, France, October 2nd, 1964.
Wild ass is slaughtered and turned into sausage to celebrate afore mentioned nativity. Quadruped’s name withheld from public records.
I shared this date, but not the sausage, with Mahatma Ghandi, Sting, Charlie Chaplin and umpteen other bitches.

Skidmore College
BS in Art History
Class of 1986.
Graduated Magma Cum Laude in Art History, but dem bitches did not award a prize for that, so no cigar for this record, so not worth mentioning.
Magma cum MaryJane. I’d like to thank the Otis elevator company for providing me with a safe and secure place to smoke between classes. “Je voudrai m’excuser aupres des handicapes”.
Failed philosophy twice, some photography classes….
Graduate with a 1.7 GPA; I tried to do better but my subsequent corporate sponsorship with the Otis elevator company conflicted with regularly scheduled classes.
Ate large amounts of cream of wheat; cause: no money. It’s nutritious and nourishious.
Bring water to a boil, dump in stomach size lump of cream of wheat, cook until good enough to consummate, flavor with glucose heaps, eat 3 times a day. Ruminate.
Lived in the woods in turquoise 1978 VW van but sometimes parked on school property. Showered irregularly.

Special Skills:
Using agricultural metaphors in political speeches for the advancement of the hard of hearing and the Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian and Transgender community.
Making life deliberately hard for friends and family, so that they can redeem themselves through labor.
Legal latin. Try this at home: “Ab Initio, it should be said, that this is a good prima facie case for my decision to forgo said curriculum vitae”.

Yossef’s Buck, from the “Lifestyle” series.

Papa Bear, from the “Lifestyle” series.

Mia Ferita, from the “Lifestyles” series.

A Corsican Welcome, from the “Lifestyle” series.

Holzfällers?, from the “Lifestyle” series.

Hal Close, from the “Lifestyles” series.

Cold War Diaries, from the “Guinda” series.

La Bella Dene, from the “Cultural Appropriated” series.

Chicken fighter, from the “Chicken Fitgher” series.

Araya, from the “-ish” series

Shawnrey, from the “…………. ” series

Big John, from the Las Vistas series

Mikkel Sønafenlillepigemedsvovlstikker, from the “Autobahnüberfal, the Danes” series.

Revenge of the Corsican Welcome, from the “Corsican Welcome” series.

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