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Manjari Sharma

Mumbai-by-way-of-Brooklyn photographer, Manjari Sharma, is currently featured on Burn Magazine. The adage that your best work is in front of you holds true for Manjari as she discovered that her best work takes place in her shower. Her shower series has been celebrated as a winner for the NYC Strand Photo contest in 2009. Manjari’s work has been included in Centre for Fine Art photography, NYC Slideluck Potshow 2009 and her image was selected for the PDN photo of the day blog in Nov ‘09. Manjari was one of six people selected for an exclusive workshop with Jörg Colberg and Robert Lyons in fall 2009 and her work is scheduled to be featured on NYMphoto blog early 2010. Manjari’s ongoing shower series will be spotlighted as a feature for PDN.EDU for their spring 2010 issue and her current selected clients include AOL, American Baby, Penguin Books and AARP. Manjari currently lives and freelances in NYC.

Manjari recently shared with me that an art director saw the series in Dehli and pitched her concept to a German bathroom fixture manufacturer. She just finished a massive shoot with ten Indian models under custom designed shower heads, which is turning into solo exhibitions and billboards in the very near future. Exciting results from a series that started in her own bathroom. Big congrats to Manjari!

For the last few months I have been inviting people to visit me and allow me to photograph them in a very intimate space; my bathroom. I have also been inviting them to take a shower as I continue to shoot them. The warm water running over my subjects bodies often seem to relieve them of any awkwardness the camera brought about. The bathroom, formerly a beauty parlour became a confessional and I the hair dresser, with my subjects divulging intimate details of their life. This project has thus far given rise to some of the most disarming relationships I have formed. I look forward to these images leading the way as the project continues.

Images from The Shower Series

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