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Pascal Fellonneau

Pascal Fellonneau, is a French landscape photographer capturing parts of Europe that range from Iceland to his hometown of Bordeaux. He is not only documenting the landscape, but he is also exploring how we inhabit it and interact with it.

An important part of my work explores landscapes in an urban environment at the fringes of cities. It strives to depict the architectural, cultural and social mutations caused by the upheavals of the modern world. I feel the urge to record environment changes, suburban expansion, desolated and industrial spaces, waste grounds, man-altered landscapes, non-places. As if suddenly mattered to take possession of such territories and witness the layers of change occurring in my urban reality.

Pascal has a new exhibition, Cold Cold Ground, that will from January 5-28th at the Fontaine Obscure Gallery in Impasse Grasse, Aix en Provence, France.

Cold Cold Ground: This series of landscapes were shot in Akureyri, the biggest town in northern Iceland. Located approximately 100 kms south of the polar circle, in a fjord that opens onto the sea of Greenland, it is isolated and far removed from the capital Reykjavik. The climate in December, the time of the year these images were made, prompts its inhabitants into a domestic retreat.

At Akureyri, as I do elsewhere, I relentlessly walked some districts, mainly industrial and/or residential areas at the edges of the city. An important part of my practice explores landscapes in an urban environment in an attempt to reveal the signs and symptoms it contains. My practice consists of striding along, trying to decipher something without quite knowing what it will be. But I keep on until I feel I’ve exhausted the chosen area.

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