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Ari Cohen and Advanced Style

Several years ago, I heard from Ari Cohen that my work was being featured on his blog, Advanced Style.  He was showcasing the images of my mother as the blog features stylish women in their prime.  I have checked in with his blog ever since. I find this page especially encouraging!

You might call Ari the Sartorialist of the senior set, activity photographing women and men with distinction on the streets of New York. The blog has become a phenomenon, and is now a book, with and introduction by Maira Kalman and contributions by Dita vonTeese. It’s now available through Amazon.

 Ari has created a Kickstarter Campaign for ADVANCED STYLE: the documentary.
Advanced Style is a documentary film about stylish older women living in New York City.  The film follows the daily lives and inspiring moments of New York’s most fashionable seniors. These portraits of women aging gracefully with tremendous spirit will challenge conventional ideas about beauty, growing old, and Western culture’s increasing obsession with youth.
For three years we have filmed many stylish, older women in New York City, but we need your help to turn this project into a full-length documentary film. Through our discussion of style, we’ve started a grander conversation about embracing age and living life to the fullest. Our *senior* starlets share their tips for choosing accessories, and perhaps more importantly, how they cope with their changing physical appearances and abilities, sex at an older age and, inevitably, death. No topic is off limits.

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