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Polly Brown: Plants

-8There’s nothing like a good typology, especially when it reveals behaviors we haven’t even considered. London-based artist Polly Brown has just published a new photographic monograph, PLANTS, through Pau Wau Publications.  It’s a collection of potted plants found on the desks of the world’s most iconic offices. The only desk she seemed to have missed is Mr. Caputo’s plant strewn office from Orange is the New Black.

As a Central St Martins Fine Art graduate she works throughout the art, fashion and music industry, creating concept lead projects.

The fruit of two years of tireless PLANT hunting, this casebound 120-page volume, with a foreword from The Eden Project founder Sir Tim Smit, explores the interdependence and inextricability of man and nature in even the most man-made of environments. By drawing attention to and reinterpreting corporate and cultural icons through individual portraits of office foliage, Brown offers a wholly unique and affecting portrayal of the universality of human nature.

According to the artist, ‚Pot(ted) plants are natural yet cultivated, a hybrid of our existence at once in nature and yet outside it. I was interested in how the isolated desk plant became a totem to our biophilic desires. In everycorporate head office and manmade workplace, a reminder of our own innate connection to the natural. Vivienne Westwood becomes a splayed palm; Google a tidy shop bought orchid; the BBC a twisted stalked rubber plant. In their humble way, these plants seemed to contain a great expansiveness, an imaginative weight contrary to their immediate simplicity.PWP-034_PLANTS-0003



Featuring the office plants from:
The New Yorker
Vivienne Westwood
Paul Smith
Urban Outfitters
The Wall Street Journal
The Times
Time Out
The Guardian
plus many more…

PLANTS was designed, edited and published by Brooklyn-based independent publisher Pau Wau Publications who are dedicated to the production of limited edition publications of contemporary photography & art.

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