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The Favorite Photograph You Took in 2022 Exhibition, Part 4

EmmaBacker_BoardwalktoNowhere - Emma Backer

©Emma Backer, Boardwalk to Nowhere, Whitstable UK,

AmySelwynLenscratch2022 - Amy Selwyn

©Amy Selwyn, Nederlandse, Portsmouth, NH, @amyselwynphotographer

Kimmo_Sahakangas - Kimmo Sahakangas

©Kimmo Sahakangas, Encountering Stillness, Bluff, UT, @roadscapes

Garcia_Monika_TheIllusionisticPath - Monika Garcia

© Monika Garcia, The Illusionistic Path, Eagle Pass, TX,

Hand Reaching Out with Shadow in Background

©Sara Philips, Shadow Puppets, Elverson, PA, @sara_philips_

Amy_Newton-McConnel_MovesToHerOwnBeat - Amy Newton-McConnel

©Amy Newton-McConnel, Moves to Her Own Beat, Phoenix, AZ

Jennifer_MacNeill_ - Jennifer MacNeill

©Jennifer MacNeill, 𝘉𝘳𝘰𝘯𝘤𝘰 𝘑𝘦𝘴𝘶𝘴, Lititz, PA, @jmacneillphoto

Passarela Marcelo Fromer_Metrópole. - Fernando Gomes

©Fernando Rocha, “Metrópole”, São Paulo, Brasil

(c) Mike Eubanks, Only When It Rains, Fallston, MD - Mike Eubanks

©Mike Eubanks, Only When It Rains, Fallston, MD

DSCF25 - Aggelos Barai

© Aggelos Barai, The flower of wishes, Albania, @aggelos_barai

Anastasiya_Myachina - sta nymch

©Anastasiya Myachina, Possible covers, Berlin, @geomagnitka

Ruslan_Smirnov - Ruslan Smirnov

@ Ruslan Smirnov, The circus, Crimea, Ukraine

Ioannou_Victoria01 - Victoria Ioannou

©Victoria Ioannou, @victoria.ioannouphotography

Milena-DeMatteis - Milena De Matteis

©Milena De Matteis, Murmurations, Rome, Italy, @ostia_secondo_me

Kajetan Szendzielorz favourite photo of year - Mlody Rufin copy

©Kajetan Szendzielorz, Spot the galaxy in my eyes, Katowice, PL, @mlodyrufin

EllenZimmerman.FF - Ellen Zimmerman

©Ellen Zimmerman, Fantasy Fence, Winchester, VA

@ Isabelle Goeminne - Isabelle

@Isabelle Goeminne, Dendermonde, Belgium, @isabelle.goeminne

Faces_Voices_Moves__Robin_Epkenhans - Robin Epkenhans

© Robin Epkenhans, FacesVoicesMoves, Bielefeld, Germany

Emma_Henderson - Emma Henderson

©Emma Henderson, Pomegranate, Bastrop, TX, @untitled.photos_

DeVun_Leah_Lenscratch - Leah DeVun

©Leah DeVun, Bleaching Hair, Brooklyn, New York, @ldevun

Karen_Bullock_I am not ready for you to go - Karen BK

©Karen Bullock, I am not ready for you to go, Alabama, @karenbpix

Hope Davis - T D

©Hope Davis, Prayer, West Midlands, UK

Oliver_Raschka - Oliver Raschka

@Oliver Raschka, Too Tired for Sunshine, Anhausen, Germany, @oliverraschka

Megan Kwok - Megan Kwok

©Megan Kwok, Cage, Guangzhou, China

Just water in light HD - Noura Debara copy

©Noura Debara Khebir, Just water In Light, Tunisia

laura_ziemele - Laura Ziemele

©Laura Ziemele, Youth, Kaiserslautern, Germany, @lauraziemele

Lenscratch_2022 - H Richards

© Holden Richards, Riverwalk-Vines, Hillsborough, NC

Maura_Jamieson - Maura Jamieson

©Maura Jamieson, Herbstone, London, Uk

Huse_Ash - Ash

©Ash Huse, Self Corruption 1, Chicago, IL, @ash.huse

JasmineSwisher - Jasmine Swisher

©Jasmine Swisher, Tesoro, Portland, OR

Graham Moon, Blaze, Marske-by-the-Sea, UK - Burnt Moon

©Graham Moon, Blaze, Marske-by-the-Sea, UK

Nancy Egan, DelMar Fruits, Santa Monica CA - Nancy Egan

©Nancy Egan, DelMar Fruits, Santa Monica, CA

Seafoam_Lindsay_Anastasia_2022 - Lindsay Anastasia

©Lindsay Anastasia, Seafoam, Crescent City, CA, @thelovelyredfox

1636675077139-01 - Kayc Lyn

©Collective Souls Imagery, My Pastor says that when I’m saved God will keep me happy. Depression is a punishment; a sickness for sinners, Frankfort, KY

McKenna_Eliza_01 - Eliza McKenna

©Eliza McKenna, Larry and I, Woodstock, NY, @elizarmckenna

Mother - Hayley Anderson

©Hayley Anderson, Mother, Libertyville, IL

Eller_Kassandra_Lenscratch Entry - Kassandra Eller

@Kassandra Eller, the window looking out, Sumner, WA, @k.ellerphotos

Monica_d_Church_2022_90_degree_day_Lake_George_NY - Monica Church

©Monica d. Church, 90° day, Lake George, NY

Maureen_Bond - Maureen Bond

@Maureen Bond, Our Common Path to Light, Mojave Desert, CA, @maureenbond

gülizar.özmen - Gül Özmen

@Gülizar Özmen, Turkey, Ankara

inbound8286150703793702533 - AURIMAS URBONAVICIUS

©Ingrida Urbonavičienė, Kretinga, Lithuania

000106920006 - Caitlin Cloninger

©Caitlin Cloninger, Botanic, Knoxville, TN, @caitlincloninger

Emilia_Kashfian - Emilia Kashfian

©Emilia Kashfian, Through Van Gogh’s Eyes, Los Angeles, CA

Constance Brinkley.JPG - Constance Brinkley

©Constance Brinkley, Iowa Memories, Seattle, WA, @cbrinkley51

BruceBerkow_SwanAndItsReflection - Bruce Berkow

©Bruce Berkow, Swan and Reflection, Rockland Lake, NY

Nikitas_Sifonios_IMG_2260 - Νικήτας Σιφονιός

© Nikitas Sifonios, The Backyard, Athens ,Greece, @nikitas_sfn

Linda_Caldwell - Linda Marie Caldwell

©Linda Caldwell, The Invisible, Connemara, Ireland

Ruotong_Guan - Ruotong Guan

©Ruotong Guan, Beauty. Chaos. Everything. Nothing.,Chicago, IL

KatieAdkins_FlowersforWren2022 - Katie Adkins

©Katie Adkins, Flowers for Wren, Little Rock, AR

Mara Zaslove - Mara Zaslove

@Mara Zaslove, Parts of a Whole, Santa Monica, CA

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