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Eric Ogden

When I was reading up on the brilliant Eric Ogden for this post, I came across sites where photographers were dissecting his approach to lighting. Everyone had a different idea as to his process, but truly, it’s not just the lighting that make these images special, it’s the quality of his subject matter, the feeling of ominous expectation and vulnerability. And yes, lighting that creates cinematic results where the images feel like slowed down moments from a modern Hitchcock film, and shadows and light become characters in the scene.

Eric has a new show, a half remembered season, about to open at Hous Projects in New York, on March 18th running through May 8th. Eric is known for his unconventional celebrity portraiture, but his projects, Prodigies and Crash Anatomy, are worth exploring.

Images from a half remembered season

Image from Prodigies

Image from Crash Anatomy

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