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Marco La Civita

Sometimes I am amazed by the talented people that make up our photographic communitiy. Marco La Civita has a background and a profession that is more than impressive. Marco received a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University for his dissertation on “Integrated Modeling and Robust Control for Full-Envelope Flight of Robotics Helicopters”, and a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University La Sapienza in Rome, Italy. He is now a Guidance, Navigation & Control scientist at Boeing Research and Technology Europe in Madrid, Spain in the Advanced Trajectory Technologies group.

The ironic part of his technical abilities is that his camera of choice is his cell phone. Marco’s blog, iphoneblography, showcases his work and allows him a deeper understanding of what kind of images appeal to him visually. At a certain point in time my photostream reached a critical volume that made clear to me why I would take a picture of something and not of something else. I find interest in strong colors, contrast, shapes, perspectives, and spatial relationship among objects. I also like to photograph urban art and graffiti because they vanish, and architecture because it is ineludible. I have found the iPhone to be an ideal medium because it is always in my pocket and because the use of certain applications available on it helps to underline what captured my attention when I shot the image.

I avoid using any text besides titles to accompany my images because I believe that images alone should suffice to convey my ideas. Someone said that my photography is a “chromatic and compositional research”. Touching the chromatic and compositional sensibility of other people is my aim.

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