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Marian Crostic

I’ve never met a photograph of Paris I didn’t like. The city has inspired generations of image-makers and artists, who have visually captured a place where every corner holds the possibility of magic and discovery. It is unchanged, yet forever changing, ready to be reinterpreted with fresh eyes and perspectives. In a world where impermanence is the norm, Paris is an enduring monument to beauty and order.

Marian Crostic has brought a life of artistic vision to her project, Timeless Paris. As a young fashion designer, Marion first photographed the city documenting color trends, street fashion, and window displays. Her yearly visits shaped her understanding of the sublime cornucopia of delights that Paris has to offer. Returning later as a professional photographer, Marian has merged her own rich tapestry onto the threads of this transcendent place. Timeless Paris is now a book and available on her website.

All of her images are created in camera, and it’s her masterful ability to photograph well-documented locations with a unique perspective that allows for a stunning result. Timeless Paris takes us on a dream-like journey through color, shape, design, and architecture. It is striking dream that is quiet and surreal, at times brilliant and bold, yet familiar. These visual interpretations allow us to experience the city anew. Marian tweaks what we know to be true and creates her own Paris, filled with mystery, elegance, and timeless beauty.

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