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Vivian Maier

Almost a year ago, I wrote a long post on the incredible work and story that surrounds Vivian Maier. I remember thinking about John Maloof acquiring those 100,000 images and it was miraculous, but also an incredible responsibility and a burden. Gordon Stettinius recently experienced a similar tale, working to get his book on Gita Lenz published.

Self Portrait of Vivian Maier

Now with thanks to Kickstarter and a video on Chicago Tonight, enough interest has been created to collect monies to fund a feature length documentary film on Vivian’s work. It also seems that Power House is publishing a monograph of her work. If you donate enough money to Kickstarter, the book is included. In my humble analog opinion, this story is not only about the power of incredible talent, but the power of shooting film and the legacy that it allows.

Photographer and terrific blogger, Blake Andrews, has a long and interesting post on Vivian that’s worth reading.

Selected images by Vivian Maier

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