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Bjorn Sterri: Family Photographs

Bjorn Sterri is one of those special photographers who captures his family and his life with beauty, humor, and humanity. Bjorn lives and works in Oslo, Norway, and attended two photography programs– at the University of Arts and Craft in Stockholm, Sweden and at Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has exhibited across Europe and recently published a book of his Polaroid Work. The book is the summation of over twenty years of obsessively photographing himself and his family, day after day, with the Polaroid camera. Through beautifully crafted visual metaphors , it achingly reveals the private issues of family: adoption, marriage and divorce, birth and bereavement, love, loss and mortality.

Much of Bjorn’s work focuses on self portraits, or imagery that revolves around his family. For the last decade, he has created black and white portraits of familial time passing, with his series, Family Photographs.

I see, think and live a big part of my life through photography. The photographic process helps me to make my existence – and death – visible. The photograph is a proof that I, at a certain point in time, is or was alive.

Family Photographs 2001-2010




Images from Self

Self… as Frida Kahlo. Poor Frida Kahlo.

Self… as Andy Warhol. Poor Andy Warhol.

Self… as my mother. Poor my mother.

Self… as Sophie Calle. Poor Sophie Calle.

Self… as Cindy Sherman. Poor Cindy Sherman.

Self… as Self. Poor Self.

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