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At the Same Time


Beginning a new relationship is timid, really.  It is masked by sexual tension and surges of comfort, and sometimes we forget that it is frail.  To photograph love before it even become such is bold and must truly be driven by instincts and chemistry.  It is certain that artist that choose to make work about new relationships risk pain in separation, but it is the doubt blended with excitement that creates a cache of beautiful moments.

Today I share with you the three separate relationships during a three year span.  At the Same Time was a group show made into a book that documents the raw moments of Steven Beckly & Dylan MacNeil, Ted Kerr & Zachary Ayotte, and Colin Quinn & Oisín Share.  The collaboration welcomes us as a third party into their lives, and makes us privy to their intimacy and narrative milestones.

You can purchase the book here.


At the Same Time

At the Same Time is a self-published photography book by six artists: Steven Beckly & Dylan MacNeil, Ted Kerr & Zachary Ayotte, and Colin Quinn & Oisín Share. Drawing and expanding on a variety of photographic traditions, the collaboration explores the nature and development of their romantic relationships from three different parts of the world. Private exchanges emerging from domestic, romantic, and sexual dimensions of their relationships are openly explored, uncovering a collection of personal narratives and intimate realities.

Geographically separated, the artists have developed independently, only to discover each other on Flickr, a photo-sharing website. The similarities in the subject matter and its treatment suggest something that exists beyond traditional borders. As the title suggests, the collection reveals a common stream of consciousness, a simultaneous creation. The collaboration documents and details the evolutions of their relationships as couples over the course of three years.

Features essays by AA Bronson, Paul Mgapi Sepuya, and Sholem Krishtalka.



atst-03Steven Beckly and Dylan MacNeil 

Steven Beckly is a Canadian interdisciplinary artist exploring the complexities of relationships, intimacy, and sexuality. He lives and works in Toronto where he continues to collaborate with his partner, Dylan MacNeil.





Ted Kerr and Zachary Ayotte

Canadian born Ted Kerr is a New York based artist, writer and organizer whose work focuses on queerness, HIV/AIDS, and community. He is currently the programs manager at Visual AIDS.
Zachary Ayotte is an artist and photographer based in Edmonton, Canada.





Colin Quinn and Oisín Share

Colin Quinn and Oisín Share worked together under the moniker Quinnford & Scout during their time together as a couple. They work separately as graphic designers, illustrators, and photographers in Berlin and Manchester, respectively.







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