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Breaking Ground: Contemporary Photography at the College of William & Mary

Jason DeMarte

Jason DeMarte, Manifest Destiny, From the Series: Nature Preserve 2011 33×40 inches

Photographer and educator Eliot Dudik has created a remarkable exhibition, Breaking Ground: Contemporary Photography at the College of William & Mary, that launches the new photography program in the Department of Art & Art History at the College of William & Mary. Eliot wanted to create an exhibition would educate the William & Mary community about the contemporary photographic landscape, showcasing a variety of approaches and responses to the medium. Because time and funding was limited, he simply contacted over 100 photographers and asked them if they would like to be in the exhibition and then requested a large file.  All but two said yes, which is a testament to the support our community offers to each other.  Eliot curated, printed, and mounted this exceptional compilation of 110 photographs and his efforts will be celebrated with an opening tomorrow night, October 17, 4—7 pm and an Alumni Reception on October 18, 10am—12pm. Eliot has also created a catalog of the exhibition.

Photographers included in the exhibition are:Aaron Blum, Acacia Johnson, Adam Neese, Alex Leme , Aline Smithson, Alyssa C. Salomon, Amy Elkins, Amy Friend, Andrea Bonisoli Alquati, Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Anne Berry, Anthony Antonellis, Arnaud Teicher, Ashley Kauschinger, Ben Huff, Bill Schwab, Blue Mitchell, Brandon Thibodeaux, Brian Ulrich, Brittany Nelson, Bryan Schutmaat,Bryon Darby, Carla Richmond Coffing, Christa Blackwood, Cig Harvey, Clay Lipsky, Daniel Coburn, Dave Jordano, David Carol, David Emitt Adams, David Goldes, David Hilliard, David Leventi, Elizabeth Mead, Eliza Lamb, Eugene Ellenberg, Euphus Ruth, Frances Denny, Frank Hamrick, Gareth Phillips, Gordon Stettinius, Greer Muldowney, Holly Roberts, Ian C. Bates, Ian van Coller, Jamey Stillings, Jared Ragland, Jason DeMarte, Jay Gould, Jeff Rich, Jennifer Chan. Jennifer McClure, Jess Dugan, Jim Fitts, JK Keller, John Mann, Jonathan Blaustein, Jon Horvath, Joshua Dudley Greer, Justin James Reed, Justin Kimball, Ken Rosenthal, Kevin Strickland, Kyle Ford, Kevin Parent, Lawrence McFarland, Lisa Robinson, Lori Nix , Lori Vrba, Lottie Hedley, Mark Dorf , Mark Klett & Byron Wolfe, Matt Eich, Matt Gamber, Matthew Swarts, Matt Siber, Maude Schuyler Clay, McNair Evans, Meg Griffiths, Michael Tummings, Michele Tecco, Nate Larson & Marni Shindelman, Nicholas Kahn & Richard Selesnick, Nicole Killian, Paula McCartney, Petra Cortright, Polly Chandler, Rachel Jerome Ferraro, Rania Matar, Rebecca Nolan, Rebecca Norris Webb, Richard Bram, Rollin Leonard, Rob McDonald, Robert Sulkin, Ryan Zoghlin, S Gayle Stevens, Sara Macel, Stan Strembicki, Stephanie Shively,Susan Burnstine, Susan Lipper, Susan Worsham, Suzanne Elise, Terri Warpinski , Tim Hyde, Tom Rankin, Walker Pickering, Yoav Friedländer, Zach Nader

Selected Images from the Exhibition

Jess Dugan

Jess T. Dugan, Laurel, From the Series: Every breath we drew 2014 30×40 inches

From the Press Release: On this 175th anniversary of the invention of photography, excitement and anticipation are stirring in the Department of Art & Art History at the College of William & Mary as we prepare to break ground on a new photography program, the first in the College’s long history. This dynamic new offering will engage students in dialog and practice as they study historic through contemporary developments in photography pushing the boundaries of photographic art making in the 21st century.

fox trails 017

Susan Worsham Marine, Hotel Near Airport, Richmond, VA From the Series: By The Grace of God 2009 32×40 inches

Inaugurating this celebration, the College has generously furnished the exhibition Breaking Ground: Contemporary Photography at the College of William & Mary, a collection of photographic artworks by 110 national and international artists, and accompanying catalog. The exhibition relays a sense of the vast breadth of contemporary photographic art with prints, handmade books, video art, assemblage, sculptural works, and installation. The possibilities afforded through the amalgamation of traditional and new technology, techniques, and materials are boundless.

S Gayle Stevens

S. Gayle Stevens, Through My Looking Glass, From the Series: Allegory 2011 31.25×31.25 inches

The show’s variety is meant to reflect a basic principle of the new photography program—it is a celebration of photography as a liberal art, as an extension of the humanistic and critical discipline of art-making that has always been the foundation of our university. Photography at the College of William and Mary is not solely a technology; it is a vehicle of visual expression with a history of nearly two centuries. Our approach to it will therefore embrace its newest potentials and also grow out of its history, its historical techniques and processes, and its historical achievements, to integrate contemporary and future practices of photographic art at a deep level into William and Mary’s liberal arts tradition. This is what it means to call photography a new way, our newest way, of engaging humanistic thought.

Nicolas Kahn and Richard Selesnick

Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick Itinerant Puppeteer, 2008 24×24 inches

Stephanie Shively

Stephanie Shively, Motherload, Handmade book, encaustic plates, and clamshell box 2014 6×8.5×1.75 inches


Mark Dorf, untitled9  From the Series: //_PATH 2013 32×40 inches

Rebecca Norris Web

Rebecca Norris Web, Blackbirds, From the Series: My Dakota (Radius Books, 2012) 2006 24.5 x 34 inches

Matthew Gamber

Matthew Gamber, Dead Bulb (Chandelier), From the Series: Basic Ingredients of a Complex World 2012 16×20 inches

Holly Roberts

Holly Roberts, Snake Daughter mixed media 2012 23×20.75 inches

Paula McCartney

Paula McCartney, Baltimore Orioles, From the Series: Bird Watching 2007 28×23 inches

David Hilliard

David Hilliard, No More Tears 2012 diptych, total size 40×60 inches

Meg Griffiths

Meg Griffiths, Miel y Sandia, From the Series: Casa Particular 2013 20×20 inches

Amy Friend

Amy Friend, What is done in the darkness will be brought to the light, From the Series: Dare alla Luce 2012 9×13 inches

Matt Siber

Matt Siber, Ikea, 2008 From the Series: Floating Logos, Series II 20×25 inches

Brian Ulrich

Brian Ulrich, Scene at the Former Bluebird Theater, Petersburg, VA From the Series: A Glorious Victory 2014 32×40″

Brittany Nelson

Brittany Nelson, Gelatin Silver 2013 40×40 inches

"Carry Me Ohio"

Matt Eich, Elvis the Zebra, Cumberland, Ohio From the Series: Carry Me Ohio 2008 16×24 inches

Brandon Thibodeaux

Brandon Thibodeaux, Mississippi 662, Duncan, MS From the Series: When Morning Comes 2012 15×15 inches

Mark Klett and Byron Wolfe

Mark Klett & Byron Wolfe, 2010. Overlooking rafters on the Colorado River. Above Marble Canyon near Lee’s Ferry, Arizona. Overlay: Wm Bell, 1872. Grand Canyon of the Colorado, Colorado River (half of a stereo card, Courtesy National Archives). 24 x44 inches

Jared Ragland

Jared Ragland, He Said He Likes To Take It One Thing At A Time ,From the Series: Smithsonian Digital Collage 2011 14×14 inches

Lori Nix

Lori Nix, Laundromat, From the Series: The City 2008 40×51 inches

Cig Harvey

Cig Harvey, The Goldfinch, From the Series: Gardening At Night 2014 28×28 inches

Aline Smithson

Aline Smithson, Lexie Turned, From the Series: Revisiting Beauty 2014 24×24 inches

Amy Elkins

Amy Elkins, Thirteen Years out of a Death Row Sentence (River), From the Series: Black is the Day, Black is the Night 40×50 inches 2009-2014

Bryan Schutmaat

Bryan Schutmaat, Wes, 2011, From the Series: Grays the Mountain Sends 2011 22×27.5 inches

Bryon Darby

Bryon Darby, Nine Hours in Nine Panels, From the Series: Flight Paths 2013 40×70 inches

Carla Richmond Coffing

Carla Richmond Coffing, Kelcey. Los Angeles, CA ,From the Series: Athome Atwater 2013 20×30 inches

David Goldes

David Goldes, Electro-graph #29 (photograph is made while high voltage is applied to graphite drawing), From the Series: Electro-graphs 2014 21.75×17.4 inches

Ian van Coller

Ian van Coller Clivia 2011 20×26 inches

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