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The 2015 What I Looked Like as a Child Exhibition, Part 4


Susan Swihart ©dontknowwho, My Favorite Party Dress at 3 years old, somewhere, MA


Joyce P. Lopez, Becoming Me, New York City, RI


Alysia Macaulay, Book Lover, Spetses, Greece


Mary Kocol, At The Beach, Found Negative, Somewhere in CT


Paul Matzner, First Grade, Milwaukee, WI


Virgil DiBiase, Potty Chair, Salem, OH


Louise Kleinsorge Williams, At Playland-at-the-Beach, San Francisco, CA


Rania Matar, photo by Raja Matar (father) Beirut, Lebanon


Leslie Hall Brown, Fledgling Artist, Tahlequah, OK


James Radke, The family picnic, Julesburg, CO


Kevin Q Gray, Sour Apple/Smelly Dog, PA


Susan de Witt, My New Sunsuit, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Joseph O. Holmes, Joe (photo by my father Del), Muncy, PA


Nelson Armour, Posing, Somewhere in Milwaukee, WI


Karin Ott, Still mommy’s little girl, Copenhagen, Denmark


Phyllis Schwartz, As a Child in Texas, TX


Joe Harvard, jo jo, England


Jerry Downs, Looking at the Light, Wheat Ridge, CO


Suzanne Engelberg,Dream Girl, Miami Beach, FLA and Lake Tahoe, CA


Nina Weinberg Doran, Bearing Gifts, Harrison, NY


Maureen Haldeman, Who Knew, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


Ken Rosenthal (photo by S.H. Rosenthal Jr., Los Angeles, CA


Anne Berry, Anne With Goose, Atlanta, GA


H. C. Turk, Cowboy, Sarasota, FL


Stephanie Sydney, Stephanie photographed by Marcus Adams, Hampstead, London, England


Laura O’Brien, A Dark Little Girl, Tottenham, Ontario, Canada


Alex Mata, Digital Art: Maria Alejandra Mata, Chiquita, Caracas, Venezuela

Self Portrait Number One. Six years old. Photobooth image.

George Logan, Self portrait Number One, Perth, Scotland


Nathan Pearce, First Game, Near Grayville, IL


Russ Rowland, 77 Chicago Avenue, NY, NY


Jocelyn Allen, Felt Tip Face, Birmingham, United Kingdom


Charles Mintz, 44118, Cleveland Heights, OH


Jody Miller, Portrait by My Father, 1960. Indianapolis, IN


Michael Pointer, Cheley Colorado Camps 1967, Estes Park, CO


Eleonora Ronconi, Eleonora before going to school, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Tim Messick, Me in My Comet – 1959, Kirkwood Drive, Los Angeles, CA


Ellen Cantor, Three Generations, Chicago, IL


Patty Lemke Los Angeles CA


Niniane Kelley, Opening Ceremonies, 1992 World Championships, Oakland, CA

SHEILA 70 -20-3

Marjorie Salvaterra, St. Louis, Missouri


Pauline Gola, Los Angeles, CA


Grant Gill, untitled, Fairbank, IA


Val Patterson, 1983, Los Angeles, CA


Clay Lipsky Smoker, Scottsdale, AZ 1975 (less than 1 year old)


Sarah J Stankey, Washing Dishes, Cottage Grove, WI


Jonas Yip, Del Mar, CA

the young drinker

Aline Smithson, The Young Drinker, Los Angeles, CA


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