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The 2015 What I Looked Like as a Child Exhibition, Part 3


Karen Benson, Hide and Seek, Drexel Hill, PA


Shari Yantra Marcacci (as a child:-)): Shari Yantra Marcacci, Photo by Frank Marcacci, Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy


Alison Turner, On a Pony, Hacienda Heights, CA


Benjamin Dimmitt, In The Sink, Clearwater, FL


Leslie K. Brown, taken by her father Gordon Brown, circa 1978, Rochester, NY


Emily Alexander, 1992, Bodega Bay, CA


Brian Van de Wetering, First Bowtie, San Diego, CA

Zoe with John holding David.

Zoe Perry-Wood (photo taken by Mom), Zoe & Dad holding David 1963, Swansea, MA


Mary Hockenbery, 1958, Hermosa Beach, CA


Teresa Fields, Teresa Fields, Athabascan, AK

Woodsgift Photography

Rusty Joerin, Speedway, West Vancouver, BC


DM Witman, me @ 1 year old


Paris Carter, Me with Raggedy Ann & My Sister, Staten Island, NY


Lydia Panas, Untitled, Athens, Greece


David Simonton, David Simonton (1960s), NJ


Robert Schneider; Self portrait, 1962; Bryan, OH


Joey Potter, Growing Up On Mobile Bay, Decatur, GA


Curtis Wong, Birthday Cake, Los Angeles, CA


Andi Schreiber, age 3, Long Island, NY


Stefanie Daugilis, Untitled, Burlington, ON


Elisa Haber, What I Looked like as a child, Puerto Rico


Laurie McCormick, Easter 1955 on Corley Street, Yonkers, NY


Kathleen B. Donovan, Little Bandit, Conroe, TX


Mildred Alpern, Rag Curls, Boston, MA


Thinh Ly, Untitled, Arlington, VA


Pekka Nikrus, Measles 1974 (taken by mom or dad), Sipoo, Finland


Randy Karg, Childhood, Sacramento, CA


Danielle Kelly, Me at Shinocok Bay, Long Island, NY


Bootsy Holler, Me 1973 w/ Jacques, Richland, WA


Alastair Cook, A Westray Prayer, Alnwick, Northumberland, England


Sefan Neagu, Highway Star 1985, Constanta, Romania


Franc Palaia, Catholic School, 3rd Grade, Poughkeepsie, NY


Ellen Jantzen, Father and Me, St. Louis, MO

Me & Doff with peace sign necklace in the summer of 1969

Lauren Grabelle, Me & Doff by Mom, Oceanport, NJ


Stuart Pilkington, At Dad’s Wedding In 1981, Crewe, UK


Alexandra Smith, Suburb Kid, Chicago, IL


Scott Keidong, Eva & Scott at ChasesLake, near Lowville, NY


Don Heisz, Obscured, Tottenham, Ontario


Karen Bell, Karen, 6 months, Lido Beach, NY


Karen Graffeo, Me and Dad— I was born in 1955 in south MS


Erica Martin, Buckley Third Grade Class 1968, Los Angeles, CA


Cheryl A Townsend, Modesty-1959, Twinsburg, OH


Kerry Rowand, Untitled, Riverside, CT


Kay Kenny, I am a Girl, Almost Ten, Middletown, NJ


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