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Favorite Photograph of 2017 Exhibition, Part 2

Russell_Metaphorical Antipodes

©Jacinda Russell, From the series Metaphorical Antipodes, Disko Bay, Greenland and Westfjords, Iceland

College Wasteland Diptych

©Lindsay Godin, College Wasteland Diptych, Iowa City, IA


©Lars R. Samuelsson, The Red Broom, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


©Ruben Natal-San Miguel, Cat House ” ( Destroyed by Hurricane Maria ) La Perla Old San Juan Puerto Rico. Wednesday 12/21/17


©Mark Dorf, Landscape 14, New York, NY

Your Photo Here (ItG) - Carl Shubs

© Carl Shubs, Your Photo Here (ItG), Los Angeles, CA


©Patricia Bender, Perspective, Somerset, NJ


©Sandra Klein, Zinnia, Los Angeles, CA

Yoav Friedlander - Astoria 2017

©Yoav Friedlander, Greek, Italian, American, Astoria, NY 2017

Reading Series--Mulberry Street, Little Italy, NYC August 31, 2017 Exclusive photo by Lawrence Schwartzwald

©Lawrence Schwartzwald, Reading on Mulberry Street, New York, NY

The Passenger ©Norman Borden

©Norman Borden, The Passenger, New York City

© Ellen Friedlander, Curtain Call , Los Angeles, Ca 2017

©Ellen Friedlander, Curtain Call from “Hollywood” Series, Los Angeles, CA

Claire in Paris

© Tama Hochbaum Claire, Hotel Atlantis, Paris, France

2017-08-08 Indiana State Fair_-252

© Beth Maier, Indiana State Fair, Indianapolis

Oelklaus_On the way to totality

©Heather Oelklaus, On the Way to Totality, Sunflower Field, CO

Betty Press MedievalStiltFight Lenscratch

©Betty Press, Medieval Festival, Perugia


©Maureen Ruddy Burkhart, Fake Gossip, Loveland, Colorado


2017 © Suzanne Révy, Thumbs, Carlisle, MA


© Thomas Osborne, at leisure, San Francisco, CA

Folly In The Dark

©Elle Olivia, Folly In The Dark, Folly Beach, SC


©Charmane Eastman, Shooting the Ceiling in the Borghese, Rome, Italy


© Loretta Ayeroff, Mus, from Nighthawks, Los Angeles, CA

©Michael Bach, Fourth Street, 6-00 AM, Troy, New York, December 2017 (1 of 1)

©Michael Bach, Fourth Street, 6: am, Troy, New York, December 2017

Cabinet of Absraction

©Nechama Winston, Cabinet of Abstraction, Cedarhurst, NY


©Lea Murphy, Falling Stars, Kansas City, MO

Sam Mescon, Waning Moon, Lake Mohave, AZ._00001

©Sam Mescon, Waning Moon, Lake Mohave, AZ


©M. Apparition, A Portion of the Universe/The Bright and Hallowed Sky 2-14-17-1, New York, NY

eclipse jet

©Donna Rosser, Eclipse Jet, Cayce, SC


©Kevin E Lyle, 13069, Chicago, IL

© m a mcdonald sakaigawa Tokyo Japan 2415

© m a mcdonald, Sakaigawa, Tokyo, Japan


©Dorothee Lang, The Same Place, Germany


©Phyllis Schwartz, Saturday Morning Laundryscape, Vancouver, Canada


©Diana Nicholette Jeon, Untitled (Chair at Nai’a), Ko Olina, HI


©Emily Hawkins, The Bathtub, Philadelphia, PA


©Shari Yantra Marcacci, Breech, Studio City, CA

Mara Zaslove

@Mara Zaslove, Bound, Los Angeles, CA


©Maria Alejandra Mata, Sabotage, Boston, MA


© Val Patterson, From the Bluebells, Los Angeles, CA


©Julia Martin, Self, Santa Fe, NM

©margitkoivisto, Moving Forward Looking Back, Toronto, ON-1

©Margit Koivisto, Moving Forward, Looking Back, Toronto, ON

Grafitti on the old office building of a long closed golf driving range in south Huntsville, Alabama

©Fred Deaton, Bonehead, Huntsville, AL

A forgotten village

©Ionut Cirja, A forgotten village, Danube Delta, Romania

fog vhunt lenscratch

©Vicki Hunt, White Farm House in Fog, Maine

1.  conundrum The Beginning

© Constance Brinkley, Conundrum-The Beginning, Seattle, WA


©Paul Xiong, Strawberry Urinal, Provo, UT

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