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John Singletary: Anahata


©John Singletary, The Dance of Hades, 3’x5’ OLED Installation/Pigment Print

Artist John Singletary has created an immersive body of work that speaks to possibilities of photographic story telling. His installations form chapel-like environments, not unlike entering a dream and moving through a swirling experience of shadow, light, movement, spirituality, and beauty. Like Hieronymus Bosch paintings come to life, his work feels other worldly, figures transcendent in their connectedness to each other and to the potential of reaching a higher self. Using OLED electronic canvases, multimedia sculptures and traditionally printed photographs, he creates fantastical tableaux with his performers.

Anahata-A Photography Based Installation from John Singletary on Vimeo.

John Singletary is a photographer and multimedia artist based in Philadelphia, PA. He trained at The Community College of Philadelphia and The University of the Arts. His work has been collected by the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Free Library of Philadelphia and other institutions and private collectors. He has exhibited work at the LG Tripp Gallery, The Pennsylvania State Museum, The James Oliver Gallery, and others. He is also a contributing writer for the “Photo Review Journal”.

JessMotion16 001

©John Singletary, Clarise, 8’x8’ OLED Installation/Pigment Print


Anahata is a photography-based project presented as an immersive installation on OLED electronic canvases, multimedia sculptures and traditionally printed photographs. These images are the result of an intimate collaboration between performers, choreographers, costume designers, makeup artists and technicians in which I acted as photographer and director. Choreographed movement was captured with an openspectrum camera in a purpose-built, UV light studio where dancers performed in handcrafted costumes. The pictures are not the product of digital editing, rather a novel photographic process that produces images true to moments in time.

“Providence” by John Singletary. from John Singletary on Vimeo.

Sanskrit for “unhurt” or “unbroken”, the word Anahata corresponds to the energy of the heart, the “unstruck sound”, and a harmonic resonance with the celestial realm. Dreamlike imagery steeped in archetypal symbolism, mythology and mysticism directs a narrative that transports the viewer to an ancient, eternal place. Abstract but familiar, this place exists within every one of us. It is the provenance of dreams, devotion, prayer, dance, music and silence. The cocoon-like webs which connect us through our stories, journeys, compassion, grace and love. Anahata explores human relationships and their connection to the divine. – John Singletary


©John Singletary, Providence (Far Left Panel), 30’x3’ OLED Installation/ Pigment Print

“Calrise” by John Singletary. from John Singletary on Vimeo.


©John Singletary, Providence (Left Panel), 30’x3’ OLED Installation/Pigment Print


©John Singletary, Providence (Left Middle Panel) 30’x3’ OLED Installation/ Pigment Print


©John Singletary, Providence (Right Middle Panel) 30’x3’ OLED Installation/ Pigment Print


©John Singletary, Providence (Right Panel) 30’x3’ OLED Installation/Pigment Print


©John Singletary, Providence (Far Right Panel) 30’x3’ OLED Installation/ Pigment Print


©John Singletary, Dryads, 5’x3’ OLED Installation/Pigment Print

Anahata-Production Crew
John Singletary: Director/Photographer/Choreographer/Model
C. Stewart: Lead Costume Designer/Makeup Artist
Perry Felix Design/David Markham-Gessner: Set Design/Installation Management and
Andrey Kolyada: Lead Photographic Technician
Justin Kutner: Photographic Assistant
Keila Perez-Vega: Principle Dancer/Model
Amber Malmstadt: Principle Dancer/Model
Nathaniel Carter: Principle Dancer/Model
Megan Hannon: Assistant Choreographer
Yousef Mahmoud: Lead Digital Technician
Matt Hollenberg: Installation Score
Elijah Snyder-Vidmar: Dancer/Model
Haley Stryker: Dancer/Model
Emile Sorger: Dancer/Model
Kyle McKay: Dancer/Model
Hilton Palmer: Dancer/Model
Kirby Sybert: Dancer/Model
Massad Qawishabazz: Dancer/Model
Rebecca Kanach: Costume Designer/Makeup Artist
Adolphe Alexander: Digital Technician
Caitlin McCormack: Costume Design

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