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Shootapalooza and World Cyanotype Day at the Griffin Museum

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©Kimberly Chiaris

The stars have aligned to celebrate World Cyanotype Day in conjunction with an exhibition, “Enlighten”, at the Griffin Museum of Photography showcasing a collective of photographers who actively work in alternative processes, and were some of the founding members of WCD. The group known as Shootapalooza, is a murmuration of artists, gathering for their first “in person” event at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Boston, Massachusetts.This exhibition is curated by the Griffin Museum’s director Crista Dix and runs from September 8—October 2, 2022. There is an Artist Reception on Saturday, September 10th, 2022, from 4pm—6pm.

On September 10th, the Griffin Museum will host a Cyanotype Workshop from 10-2pm that precedes the opening of the exhibition. All ages are invited to this FREE community event. Everyone will make two flags – one to keep and one to be sent to Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. It will be displayed with flags from around the world on World Cyanotype Day, September 24, 2022.

Follow World Cyanotype Day on Instagram: @worldcyanotypeday

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The history of  World Cyanotype Day began in September 2015, and was inaugurated with members of Shootapalooza, A. Smith Gallery, along with the community of Johnson City, Texas, by creating one of the largest cyanotypes: Big Blue.  This was the brainchild of Judy Sherrod and her imagination, which has grown to become a yearly international movement, of creating prayer flags to celebrate the cyanotype process in the month of September.

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©Vicky Stromee

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Ariel view of World Cyanotype Day

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Shootapalooza and World Cyanotype Day founder, Judy Sherrod

Sadly, our founder unexpectedly passed away on July 28, 2017. The legacy of this idea that Judy had continues to ebb and flow without confining structure and in all directions simultaneously. We have continued to strive to connect art and community.

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Participating Artists in the Enlighten Exhibition include:

Aline Smithson, Amanda Smith, Amy Jasek, Angela Johnson, Ann George, Anne Berry, Anne Connor, Aubrey Guthrie II, Carolyn Knorr, Cecilia Broder, Christa Blackwood, Db Waltrip, Diane Fenster, Donna Moore, DorRae Stevens, Ellie Ivanova, Fran Forman, Gina Costa, Ingrid Lundquist, Jacqueline Stoken, Jane Fulton Alt, Jennifer Shaw, Justin Bitner, Kevin James Tully, Kimberly Chiaris, Ky Lewis, Laura Husar Garcia, Liese Ricketts, Marcy Palmer, Marti Corn, Melanie Walker, Patricia Bender, Patricia Delker, Paula Riff, Rita Koehler, Ronna Schary, S.Gayle Stevens, Sandra Klein, Sara Silks, Shari Trennert, Susan Huber, Socorro Mucino, Tammy Bone, Teresa Tarara, Valerie Burke, Vicki Reed, Vicky Stromee and Yvette Metzler.

This exhibit dedicated in Memoriam to it’s founder, Judy Sherrod, and to Paula Riff.

Sharing a few selects from the upcoming exhibition at the Griffin Museum:

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©Jane Fulton Alt

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 6.44.56 PM

©Vicky Stromee

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 6.49.03 PM

©Jennifer Shaw


©Sandra Klein, Eucalyptus


©Mary Palmer, Porcelainberry gratitude kindness


©Christa Blackwood, Prixwest Moab

©Fran Forman, Palimpsest

©Fran Forman, Palimpsest

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