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The 2023 LOVE Exhibition, Part 3

HillerbrandMagsamen_A Device To Restrain Contempt - Mary Magsamen

©Hillerbrand+Magsamen, A Device to Restrain Contempt, Houston, TX

SandrineSegula_SelfLove_Seattle,WA - Sandra Parra Diaz

©Sandrine Segula, Self-Love, Seattle, WA

100-JulieGrace_Immink_Hand - Julie Grace Immink

©Vivien Qian, Untitled, Dallas, TX, @idyll.vial

102-Faustinus Deraet - faustinus deraet

©Faustinus Deraet, Abandoning Ania, Antwerp, Belgium, @faustinus

104-Annora_Madden - Annora Madden

©Annora Madden, Cinematic Love, Logan, UT, @annoralane

106-VanessARThompson_hungry - vanessa thompson

©Vanessa R Thompson, Hungry, Salem, MA, @vanessarthompson_photos

107-Breanna Bisek_Love - Breanna Bisek

©Breanna Bisek, I’m In The Mood Bear, Saint Paul, MN. @breannabisek

108-Joana_Dionisio - Joana Dionisio

©Joana Dionísio, Tri-Maria, Porto, Portugal

galapagos 1

©Vicky Stromee, A Mother’s Comfort, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

111-Ana_Blumenkron - Ana Blumenkron

©Ana Blumenkron, Yuriko & Angel, Mexico City, Mexico

112-evgeniya-dovgalyuk - Evgeniya Dovgalyuk

©Evgeniya Dovgalyuk, woman in red and a flower, Fethiye, Turkey

113-MelissaZexter_SWEETPLUM - Melissa Zexter

©Melissa Zexter, My Sweet Plum, Brooklyn, NY

Nikolay is in his apartment sitting on an inflatable ball. With the help of this particular ball, Lidochka and he used to do exercises that the doctor recommended to her. Up to this day, he still does those exercises on a regular basis.

©Sasha Ivanov, Nikolay on an Inflatable Ball , St. Petersburg


©️Virginia Lockman, Love, Wilmington, DE, @virginia_lockman

116-Amy Selwyn Love on the Brooklyn Bridge - Amy Selwyn

@Amy Selwyn, Love on the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC, @amyselwynphotographer

117-Ruth_LauerManenti - Ruth Lauer Manenti

©Ruth Lauer-Manenti, Robert and Ruth, Palenville, NY


©Rusty Joerin, Love’s Ice Cream, Cumberland, BC

121-Anne Kristoff Heart Of Dixie Motel AL April 2007 - Anne Kristoff

©Anne Kristoff, Motel Heart of Dixie, Dadeville, AL, @anne.kristoff

122-Roger,Johanson,Family,Lake,George,NY - Roger Carl Johanson

©Roger Johanson, Family, Lake, George, NY

123-4A45868F-FA0B-4F0B-BBFB-D1721FAA280E - Aparna M

©Aparna M Suhas, Infinity, Calicut, Kerala, India

124-Marie-Le-Moigne - Marie Le Moigne

©Marie Le Moigne, Flowers, Trévignon, FRm

125-Sarah Eckstine - Sarah Eckstine

©Sarah Eckstine, From Alex, Normal, IL

126-TheMagicalRedThread_NaomiSoto - Naomi Soto

©Naomi Soto, The Magical Red Thread, Boston, MA, @naomiphotostories

127-Phyllis Schwartz, Love Fragments, Victoria, Canada - Phyllis Schwartz

©Phyllis Schwartz, Love Fragments, Victoria, Canada

New York City, NY

©Bettina Stammen, Heart, New York, NY

129-BrookeTaffet - Brooke Taffet

©Brooke Taffet, Match, Dallas, TX, @brooketaffet

130-VERONICA ALKMIM_ Besame Mucho - Produçao Verônica Alkmim França

©Verônica Alkmim, Besame Mucho, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

les amants 2 PSE revised

©Marla Puziss, lovers at Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris, France

132-Etan Ben-Ami Valentines Day Rose - Etan Ben-Ami

©Etan Ben-Ami, Piaf (A Valentines Day Rose), Brooklyn, NY

133-Prescott_Lassman_GirlsRoom2 - Scott Lassman

©Prescott Moore Lassman, Girls Room 2, Washington, DC, @lassman_lenswork

134-©Dale Niles,Dearest Gene, Fayetteville,GA - Dale Niles

©Dale Niles, Dearest Gene, Fayetteville,GA

135-LoveLife - Vivian Del Valle

©Vivian Del Valle, I Love Life, Toronto, ON, @vivian_delvalleart

136-11Maya and Kimba_ - Rohina Hoffman

©Rohina Hoffman, A slobbery kiss, Los Angeles, CA

137-damien_jackson - Damien Jackson

©Damien Jackson, Us, Brooklyn, NY, @damien.jackson06

138-Judy Y Faulkner_I Love - Judy Faulkner

©Judy Y Faulkner, I Love, Barnstable, MA, @studiojudyy

139-Kambua Chema - Kambua Chema

©Kambua Chema, The Kiss, @kambuaphoto

140-HANS BAUER - Hans Bauer

©Hans Bauer, Young Hercules, Los Angeles, CA

MG Vander Elst

©MG Vander Elst, Front & Back, Brooklyn, NY

142-MilaMaes01 - Mila Maes

©Mila Maes, You have my heart, Joensuu, Finland, @polapaikka

143-Nancy Egan,Corazon, - Nancy Egan

©Nancy Egan, Corazon, Santa Fe, NM, @newvoodou

144-SharonJohnson-Tennant - Sharon Johnson-Tennant

©Sharon Johnson-Tennant, The Lover Loved, Los Angeles, CA, @sjohnsontennant

145-Sarai Saldivia - Sarai Saldivia

©Sarai Saldivia Vargas, Peaceful love, Playa La Herradura – Coquimbo, Chile

146-Roses - Rachel Smith

©Rachel Smith, Roses, Chicago, IL

Christopher and Nancy Bukovsky stand in Nancy's mother's livingroom in Cherry Valley, NY and are cradling a cat named Edgar.

©Frances Bukovsky, Grandcat, Cherry Valley, New York, @frances_bukovsky

148-L1080555-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-EditWaking in the Sun_Leanne_Trivett S._sRGB_WM - Leanne Trivett

©Leanne Trivett S., Tear Away Valentines, Self Portrait, Johnson City, TN

149-Donna_Bassin_MyOwnWitnessRuptureAndRepair.ChadAndJames.9 - Chad Mooney

©Donna Bassin, My Own Witness: Rupture and Repair.Chad and James.9, Montclair, NJ

150-Allison_Plass - allison Plass

©Allison Plass, Splendor in the Grass, Erfurt, Germany

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