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The 2023 LOVE Exhibition, Part 2

self portrait; Monica Orozco; demonicaphoto; Valentines Day; LOVE

©Monica Orozco, Love Birds, Los Angeles, CA @demonicaphoto

Heartbreaker_CeliaSanchez - Celia Sanchez

©Celia Sanchez, Heartbreaker, Los Angeles, CA

101-MichaelYoung-Lenscratch-LOVE-01 - Michael Young

©Michael Young, Chapagne and Chocolates, Scarsdale, NY

Michael_Koch_Romeo - Michael Koch

©Michael Koch, Romeo, Düsseldorf, Germany

Crying_ 005

©Megan Tepper, Alone Time, Chicago, IL

Michelle Sank - Michelle Sank

@Michelle Sank, ‘Naailah’, Valentine’s Day, 2022 Cape Town, South Africa, @michelle_sank

Gary_Beeber_Bettina - Gary Beeber

© Gary Beeber, Bettina May at Gotham Burlesque, NYC, NY


© Arnold Manda, ‘treasure / burnr (the visions extricata version)’, Johannesburg, South Africa

Clair_Robins - Clair Robins

© Clair Robins, Always There, Leicester, UK

Shaquille Jen Paper Heart - Shaquille Jen

© Shaquille Jen, Paper Heart, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Gary Schatan, Urban Heart

©Gary Schatan-Solo Heart, Oakland, CA

©Michael Croghan, Untitled, Saints Island, Longford, Ireland - Michael Croghan

©Michael Croghan, Untitled, Saints Island, Longford, Ireland


@Ray Koh, Satellite of Love, Big Sur, CA.

Anh Le - Core Zone - Peanut Thon

©Anh Le, 𝘊𝘰𝘳𝘦 𝘡𝘰𝘯𝘦, Barcelona, Spain

Andranik_Aroutiounian - Andranik A

© Andranik Aroutiounian, Toxic Love, New York, NY

155-HeidiKirkpatrickOceansofLove - Heidi Kirkpatrick

©Heidi Kirkpatrick, Oceans of Love, Portland, OR

Rajaa_KHENOUSSI - Rajaa Khenoussi

©Rajaa KHENOUSSI, Universal Truth , Morocco

Carla_Pohl_from Serie Eyes in my tears A Letter - carla pohl

©Carla Pohl, Letter 1864 GrandGrandfather – from the Series “Eyes in my Tear – A Letter”, Berlin, Germany

154-Shannon Weber, No One - Shannon Weber

©Shannon Weber, No One, San Francisco, CA

Bogart_Tara_Eternal_Love - Tara Bogart

©Tara Bogart, Eternal Love, Chatou, France

Siobhan Costigan - Siobhan Costigan

©Siobhan Costigan, Reflection, Wellington, NZ

CatherineKunkemueller - c kunkemueller

©Catherine Kunkemueller, Married, Philadelphia, PA

aleliegues_2023 - Aleli Egues copy

©Aleli Egües, L’amour, Miami Beach, FL

Francis Sullivan, LoveGrowsHere - Francis Sullivan

©Francis Sullivan, Love Grows Herd, Oak Bay, BC, Canada

Lovell_Charles_Venice Love - Charles Lovell

© Charles Muir Lovell, Venice Love, Venice, Italy, @charleslovellart

©Paula Siwek, Caracas, Venezuela - Paula Siwek

©Paula Siwek, Caracas, Venezuela

Marni_Myers_Heart_Chicago_1000x - Marni Myers

©Marni Myers, Heart Chicago, Chicago, IL

VioletaAlvarez_Love_Houston - Violeta Alvarez

©Violeta Alvarez, Love, Houston, TX

Judith_Montminy_Sisterhood - Judith

©Judith Montminy, Sisterhood, Dublin, Ireland

Family Portrait - Cherille Williams

©Cherille Williams, Family Portrait, Fort Wingate, NM

brittwestveer_distance - Britt Westveer

©Britt Westveer, Distance, Milwaukee, WI

metamorphosis005_Htet T San - Htet San

© Htet T San, Love is the Light , Capture Location

Touch_by_Elizabeth_Hopkins - Elizabeth Hopkins

© Elizabeth Hopkins, Touch, Boston, MA

TFORKFAPRW=0.00 GW=0.00 BW=0.00 RB=9.99 GB=9.99 BB=9.99Tango

© Jo Holland, Love – dragonflywings & water, London, UK @joholland_uk

NadideGoksun - Nadide Goksun

©Nadide Goksun, Untitled, White Plains, NY

Suzi Hyden - Susan Hyden

©Suzi Hyden, On the Wings of Love, Urbana, OH


©Jeanne Garrett, Love Birds


©Cherie Savoie Tintary, Heart Shadow, Death Valley

PageHallLove - Page Hall

©Page Hall, Untitled from Double Exposures Series, Columbus, GA

Maureen_RuddyBurkhart_BFF - Maureen Ruddy Burkhart

©Maureen Ruddy Burkhart, BFF, Casper, Wyoming

Sherry Karver_Forbidden Love_Paris - sherry karver

©Sherry Karver, Forbidden Love, Paris

LHillsberg Love - Lori Hillsberg

© Lori Hillsberg, Re-Love, A Wedding, Lincoln Center NYC

9810BDC7-ABAA-4308-B2FD-072937D4A82B - Kase Pony copy

©Kasey Sheets, Love makes two hearts one, Cleveland, Ga

Huse_Ash1 - Ash

©Ash Huse, Jamie and Ash Caressing in VRChat, Chicago, IL

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