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Phil Bebbington is terrorkitten

Phil Bebbington aka terrorkitten is familiar name in the Toy Camera world. He’s a master with the Holga, but also with the Hassleblad. Though Phil lives in Bath, England, he spends a lot of time in Crete, capturing a world that time has forgotten. Now honestly, how can you not love someone with the moniker of terrorkitten, who happens to be a retired policeman and avid observer of the past and the present. He writes a well read blog, terrorkitten, and comments and contributes to many toy camera and analog sites, including Filmwasters and clusterflock. Peta Pixel has a great interview with Phil. He also has created some interesting videos on Vimeo.

Much of Mr. Kitten’s work is about what is left behind, after centuries, or after a few years of neglect. He has an ability to celebrate and illuminate people and places that get overlooked. He is not only a prolific analog photographer, but because he needs to slow down to create his medium format work, he manages to see the quiet and unobtrusive moments that often make for arresting images.

“I like the pace of film – I enjoy the fact I cannot see what I am shooting. It slows me down, I have to have confidence in what I am doing – there is no point in shooting two shots as I cannot see the first. It gives me time to think, to look, it gives me confidence and assurance in my ability. All I have is my exposure meter and the camera, all the decisions are mine.”

Images from Bath

Images from People

Images from Cretan Windmills

Images from Motel Xenia

images from Minoan Prince

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