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FANTOM Photographic Quarterly

A couple of weeks ago the most delicious publication arrived in the mail. FANTOM Photographic Quarterly is one of those magazines that you won’t be able to part with years later, not only because of it’s edgy and interesting photography and articles, but because of the quality of the paper, the binding, and that feeling we find so rarely find in print these days: weight.

Distributed worldwide, FANTOM can be found in may museum stores and a variety of other outlets found on the site–or by subscription.

Here’s what Elizabeth Bondi of the New Yorker has to say about FANTOM.

The magazine is edited by Cay Sophie Rabinowitz (New York) and Selva Barni (Milano):
FANTOM with an F, is a new international publication about the uses and abuses of photography. It is about the art of capturing timed effects of light. For practitioners and professionals by professional practitioners, FANTOM enframes its content in sectors: EYE TO EYE where photographers converse; SAMPLE SIZE with ready made discoveries by excellent eyes; BY APPOINTMENT ONLY offered by a collector or about a collection; EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, where gallerists celebrate the time based talents they expose and trade; and MEANS TO AN END surveying the unintentional surprises of purposeful image production, i.e. scientific, commercial, surveillance, documentary and the like.

Some of the spreads from Issue Six follow:

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