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I remember some years ago, when a relative of my husband’s passed away, he left one nephew a house, another a car, and yet another, his stamp collection. Not to delve further into family history, but I think about that stamp collection from time to time. David Ashman’s new project, Dealers, brought that memory back into sharp focus.

Born and raised in Rochester, NY, David now lives in Portland working as a fine art and commercial photographer. He is drawn to abstraction, uninhabited lanscapes, and of course, portraits. He has exhibited widely including Splendorporium’s “The Photography Show”, this month in Portland.

Dealers: The avocation of postage stamp collecting is nearing extinction. The average age of collectors is 65. Young dealers and customers that would maintain the profession are scarce.

This project documents stamp collecting through a series of portraits of dealers in their natural environment. There is a general sense of pride in each dealer’s accomplishments, yet feelings of vulnerability and helplessness are certainly prevalent. My intention is to capture this duality, and provide a record of a profession that might soon be part of the past.

I hope that this project will provide recognition and appreciation for philatelic dealers, and generate more interest in the art and history behind postage stamps.

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