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Carli Davidson

You may have seen Carli Davidson’s wonderful series, Shake, about dogs in motion on a variety of blogs recently. A Portland photographer, she has a background in both commercial and documentary photography, as well as over 7 years experience as an animal trainer and caretaker. Her love of both art and animals led her to work as an animal care technician and photographer for the Oregon Zoo, as well as a volunteer photographer for local animal rescues. Her photography has been published in Portland Monthly, The Atlantic, The Village Voice, The Oregonian, The Portland Tribune, and numerous Zoo publications. She is also a regular photo contributor to Andrew Sullivan’s The Daily Dish.

Shake might be the series that everyone sees, but don’t miss her other work that is incredibly heartfelt, including Pets with Diabilities and Animal Surgery. In fact, her entire website is worth exploring, especially for those who love animals.

Images from Shake

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