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Ivan Mihailov

I am Facebook friends with Ivan Mihailov. I don’t know him and we’ve never corresponded, but seeing his wonderful images on my newsfeed, sent me directly to his website. Right away, I noticed that we both use the same drug of choice, the Twin Lens Rolleiflex….and I was hooked. Not because of the camera, but because his images have a quiet beauty. Ivan manages to find an elegance and a way of seeing that totally engages the viewer.

Russian photographer, Ivan Mikhailov was born in Novocheboksarsk (Russia), and graduated from the Chuvash Pedagogical State University with a teaching degree in fine arts and drawing. As a student, he became interested in photography and after graduating, he worked as a commercial photographer for the design studio, Alchemist. Ivan has gone on to win numerous awards and exhibit widely in Russia.

I’m featuring two series, Space for Lonliness (which is a small book) and Eluding Moments , but there are many other terrific projects on his site.

Images from Space for Lonliness

Images from Eluding Moments

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