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Javier Izquierdo

Javier Izquierdo, born in 1976 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, lives in the Canary Islands. He is a self taught photographer, using his camera almost every day for the last dozen years. His inspiration and education has come from books and the world that surrounds him. Two series are featured below, the first being a powerful look at the end of a life.

“Death after Life” it´s my last project, i started on 2006 and i ended on sumer of 2008. The woman that i photograph it´s family of mine and she died at age of 92 years old by natural death. She has been the cooker of my family for all my life and when i start the project she was still working, i focussed on how´s is the end of life on an old woman and i photograhed her for about 2 years until she slowly started to disappear, i was there at all times so i could get averything i´ve seen. She was comfortable with me beacuse i was her company for many hours and she was happy with it.

Images from Francisca Femenias. Death after life

“Dear Diary” it´s collection of pictures that talks about what´s going on around me, i focus on that project betwen 2002-04 and i just have carried a camera all day and trying to take pictures about the people i work with, the friends i have, the places i go everyday and the girlfriend i had. I tryed to get all the beauty and misery that everybody lives …
from Dear Diary

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