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Jodi Champagne: Life Lines

LL Lens 01Photographer Jodi Champagne has seen a lot in her life and she has an ability to face her subjects with compassion and commitment, and not turn away.  Jodi is fascinated by people around the globe, traveling to exotic locales with NGO’s to draw attention to a crisis or working close to home on heart breaking documentary projects.  She captures faces that allow us to look into the soul of the person, especially in her series, Life Lines.

Some of this sensitivity towards the human experience comes from her own life story. At the age of 15 Jodi became a mother, requiring her to put her creative ventures on hold while she raised her family and devoted herself to the corporate world of engineering. As a parent, she found herself becoming the designated photographer and videographer of all their family vacations and outings and knew she had found her calling. Jodi worked as a portrait, wedding, family and sports photographer  but discovered her true passion in documentary and street photography. Telling a story, bringing awareness and making a difference with her work is what she strives for. She has traveled to the corners of Myanmar to the corners of downtown Los Angeles to capture humanity with compassion and heart.

Jodi´s award winning work has been featured in group exhibitions in the U.S., Europe and Latin America. Her photographs have been widely published in books, magazines, and used for editorial and commercial work. Jodi lives and works in Palmdale, California.

Life Lines

The lines on a face can never lie. Lines formed up, down, left and right. With enough pressures in life, the lines are forced to be deeper, curved or bent. What causes these changes? Is it the environment, decades of wear and tear? Or are they the expressions of a soul? I’m fascinated by the stories that come from these lines of wisdom. Beauty is not always held in youth.

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