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Stephen DiRado: Dinner Series

1 Stephen DiRado New Years Eve Edgartown MA 123198

New Year’s Eve, December 31, 1998, Edgartown, MA ©Stephen DiRado

In preparation for tomorrow’s feasting, I thought Stephen DiRado’s project, Dinner Series, was a perfect way to ease ourselves into groaning chairs around the dining table filled with family, friends, turkey, angst, celebration, depression, pumpkin pie, familial relationships, too much alcohol, conversation, catching up, and football. Stephen has spent close to 30 years capturing dinner table moments that are a wonderful documentation of all of the above.

2 Stephen DiRado Christmas Eve Marlborough MA 122495

Christmas Eve, December 24, 1995, Marlborough, MA ©Stephen DiRado

Dinner Series

Ever since I was a teen, my tripod mounted camera has been present at dinners. Growing up in an environment that revolves around food with family and friends, the table is a central and essential part of my life. Many decades back I was inspired to record details of a variety of table settings, illustrate foods served and formally capture every face, (including my own) present around it. Eventually my interest started to encompass the ever changing dynamics of the drama that takes place at most dinners. From the camera’s point of view, once afar, is now welcomed to the table as a participant.

3 Stephen DiRado Worcester MA New Years Eve 123107

New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2007, Worcester, MA ©Stephen DiRado

4 Stephen DiRado Amy's Secret Lobsterville MA 061613

Amy’s Secret, June 16, 2013, Lobsterville, MA ©Stephen DiRado

5 Stephen DiRado Christmas Worcester MA 122513

Christmas, December 25, 2013, Worcester, MA ©Stephen DiRado

6 Stephen DiRado Joyces Dinner  Worcester MA 012294

Joyce’s Dinner, January 22, 1994, Worcester, MA ©Stephen DiRado

7 Stephen DiRado Lobsters Edgartown MA 063093

Eating Lobsters, June 30, 1993, Edgartown, MA ©Stephen DiRado

8 Stephen DiRado New Years Eve Edgartown MA 123193

New Year’s Eve, December 31, 1993, Edgartown, MA ©Stephen DiRado

9 Stephen DiRado Dinner at Rons Shrewsbury MA 050798

Dinner at Ron’s, May 7, 1998, Shrewsbury, MA ©Stephen DiRado

10 Stephen DiRado Tea with Tiny North Brookfield MA 042694

Tea with Tiny, April 26, 1994, North Brookfield, MA ©Stephen DiRado

11 Stephen DiRado Harolds Chowder Lobsterville, MA 062513

Harold’s Chowder, June 25, 2013, Lobsterville, MA ©Stephen DiRado

12 Stephen DiRado Acting Silly Tashmoo Cottage Tisbury MA 061300

Acting Silly at Tashmoo Cottage, June 13, 2000, Tisbury, MA ©Stephen DiRado

13 Stephen DiRado Tina's Dinner Worcester MA 111613

Tina’s Dinner, November 16, 2013, Worcester, MA ©Stephen DiRado

14 Stephen DiRado Julies Dinner Lobsterville MA 062013

Julie’s Dinner, June 20, 2013, Lobsterville, MA ©Stephen DiRado

15 Stephen DiRado Duck Inn Aquinnah MA 081107

Duck Inn, August 11, 2007, Aquinnah, MA ©Stephen DiRado

16 Stephen DiRado Dinner in the Studio Worcester MA 081194

Dinner in the Studio, August 11, 1994, Worcester, MA ©Stephen DiRado

17 Stephen DiRado Cookout for Brian Worcester MA 060209

Cookout for Brian, June 2, 2009, Worcester, MA ©Stephen DiRado

18 Stephen DiRado Kit the Cat   Worcester MA 120608

Kit the Cat, December 6, 2008, Worcester, MA ©Stephen DiRado

19 Stephen DiRado Winter Solstice Tisbury MA 122196

Winter Solstice, December 21, 1996, Tisbury Ma ©Stephen DiRado

20 Stephen DiRado Jan 1st 1am Edgartown MA  010199

1 AM, January 1, 1999, Edgartown, MA ©Stephen DiRado

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