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The Favorite Photograph You Took in 2022, Part 14

IMG_9499 - vittoria benigno

©Vittoria Benigno, Sisterhood, Verona IT


©Elizabeth Calderone, I Feel at Home in Your Arms, New Jersey @theangryphotographer

E Davidove Favorite 2022

©Eric Davidove, Primary, San Francisco, CA @edovephotos


©Reuben Radding, Ninth Street, Brooklyn, NY @reuben_radding


©Sonia Melnikova-Raich, HITCHCOCK COUNTRY Bodega, California, 2022 @soniamelnikovaraich


©Vincent Torrens, Gunman, Colombia @gallery.histogram

Andrew Fernandes Masculinity - Andrew Fernandes

©Andrew Fernandes, Masculinity, Dartmouth, MA

Might be a Titan_Markiyan_Zadumlyvyi - Markiyan Zadumlyvyi

©Markiyan Zadumlyvyi, Might be a Titan, Odesa, Ukraine

Kelli Jai, The Hood Olympics

©Kelli Jai, The Hood Olympics, Atlanta, GA @KelliJaiPhotos

48DB450D-ED84-4CE3-889A-D1FEFFA2000B - Noah Sandrowitz

©Noah Sandrowitz, Simon B, Richmond, Va

Hernandez_Andres_06 - Andrés Hernández

©Andrés Hernández, Neville with Lilies, San Diego, CA

jake_benzinger - Jake Benzinger

©Jake Benzinger, Into Dust, Boston, MA

motherline_ii_roberta_mangini_glisson - Roberta Nicole Photography

©Roberta Mangini Glisson, The Motherline II, Co Kerry, Ireland


©Liz Long, Human Nature, Colorado Springs, CO @lizlongphotos


©Patricia Fortlage, Body, Pasadena, CA @patricia.fortlage

Rahul_Sharma - ImagesBy Rahul

©Rahul Sharma, Body, UP, India

Mara Magyarosi-Laytner - Act III - Adorn

©Mara Magyarosi-Laytner, The Untended Garden – Act III – Adorn, Detroit, MI @maramagyarosi

Heather_Quercio_Fungi_Reclining_Nude - Heather Quercio

©Heather Quercio, Fungi Reclining Nude, New York, NY

Jane Feely - Jane Feely

©Jane Feely, Alter Ego, Highland Park, IL

Picnic with Emily - Sandra Stark

©Sandra Stark, Picnic with Emily, Boston,MA


©Kenneth Wajda, Sunny Lake Days, Longmont CO @kennethwajdaphotographer

Daniel Buah, Striving Together, Kumasi, Ghana - Yaw Niel

©Daniel Buah, Striving Together, Kumasi, Ghana


©Zoe Mendoza, Just The Beginning, San Antonio, Texas @zoeanitaphotos

Sherry Karver_Girl With Cupcake_Berkeley CA

©Sherry Karver, Girl With Cupcake, Berkeley, CA

Ayla and the wasp nest 3 BW PSE_revised

©Marla Puziss; the wasp nest; Atlanta, GA; @mpuziss

Leona Strassberg Steiner - Swamp Rising - Leona Strassberg Steiner

©Leona Strassberg Steiner, Kim’s Feet, Bywater, New Orleans, LA


©Britta Kohl-Boas, Welcome, Hamburg, Germany, @wellenschlagen


©Samantha David, Community, New Braunfels, TX,

Adrienne Villar

©Adrienne Villar, Dad In His Shop, Arkansas @villarphoto

PRAY HERE-Gary Beeber

© Gary Beeber, PRAY HERE, Dayton, OH @beebergary


©Gabriel Fernández, Peregrino, Falcón, Venezuela. @g.a_f.s

Jeremy-Bassetti-Amauta-Bolivia - Jeremy Bassetti

© Jeremy Bassetti, An Amauta on the Hill of the Skull, Quillacollo, Bolivia


©️Joshua Parris, The Fair, Queens, NY @hiimjoshuua


©Stephanie Conti, Hotel, Dalton, GA @stephaniecontiphotography


© Paşa imrek, red water, urfa/turkey, @pasaimrek

593691BD-CCF1-4BB5-8C53-9278CF488E6F - Kevin Molale

©Molale Kevin, Dlamini, soweto, GP


© Cheyanne Reyes, Life Beyond, San Antonio, TX


©Matt Laczko, Flea Market, Sevierville, TN @laczkoart

KKK- Life in Prison-002 - ali ranya

©Karwan, A Glimpse Into Military Imprisonment, Iraq-Kurdistan -City Ranya, Muhammad Abdulrahman Pirot. Muhammad was born in Ranya. He joined the Iraqi military, and underwent training for a week at a camp in Tadrib. He and his friends were sent directly to the Jafar area, a border area between Iraq and Iran. Prior to the war, he was told that he would deployed to the Iraqi city Basra. However, on 5/24/1982, he was instead taken to the frontlines. In combat, the Iranian forces at the time took the upper hand;14 thousand Iraqi soldiers were taken as prisoners of war. Muhammad was jailed for 9 years and still suffers from his prolonged experience, as he was diagnosed with cancer caused by longterm exposure to moisture while he was imprisoned.///


©Dustin Nguyen, Can’t Sleep?, Bloomington IN, @dustinguyen_art


©Hannah Latham, In the Clouds, Skowhegan, ME @hlatham6


©Alex Gulino, The Gurney, New York, USA @starletlexy

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