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Heidi Leverty

Born in Merano, Italy and now living in Toronto, Heidi Leverty is constantly searching for the new and unexpected. Her work is diverse: wonderful black and white portraits, a sensual series of sand dunes, and currently, recycled objects in mass. All have a regard to the surface of things, with a deeper connection and revelation just underneath. She has managed to find the beauty and the meaning in what she sees.

Her newest project, Outbox, explores one particular moment in the life-cycle of everyday objects – the passage from refuse or trash to recycled material. These materials of paper, metal, plastic and fabric, shaped by the treatment they have undergone become unique works through her perspective, sculptural forms with an intense beauty. What appears to be without value is in fact a source of inspiration, the unique and extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary. Her images are a product of chance, caught in the transient moment in their life, an ephemeral state between original use and new purpose.

She can be found investigating the wastelands of recycling plants, which she considers public galleries, in an effort to capture the beauty in the discarded remnants of our daily lives.

To read more about this project, Dead Sexy Magazine, has a terrific interview with Heidi.

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