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Cheryle St. Onge: Guggenheim Fellowship Award

A few months ago, I was researching the Guggenheim Fellowship Award. I wanted to see what kind of work wins that significant prize. Last year, it was the work of Cheryle St. Onge (amongst others). Cheryl is a New Englander, having grown up in Massachusetts and now splits her time between New Hampshire and Maine. Cheryl’s images come from the soul of someone that looks at the land, that listens to crickets on a summer night, and that knows how to ride a horse, probably bareback. Her work reflects the simple pleasure of exploring and celebrating the natural world.

Ms. St. Onge received a M.F.A. from Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA, studying under Nick Nixon and Barbara Bosworth and interned at M.I.T. contact printing the archives of Dr. Harold Edgerton. For over a decade, she taught photography at Clark University, and art & writing workshops for high school students at the Worcester Art Museum. Ms. St. Onge has guest lectured at The University of New Hampshire, University of Rhode Island and New England A.S.I C. In addition to exhibitions and print sales, Ms St. Onge provides architectural and editorial photographic work.

Images from Natural Findings

Images of Horses

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