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Keith Johnson

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Sometimes, looking at an image or visual idea multiple times brings a new energy to photographs. Since 2008, Keith Johnson has been creating a series of grids that explores landscapes, cityscapes, waterscapes, interiors, isolated forms, aerial panoramas. Keith photographs environments with the control and excitement of an anthropologist excavating a new civilization. Johnson is captivated by the hidden language of images, and makes photographs to explore 1) the intrinsic meaning of images, 2) how and why these meanings change over time, and 3) how position, context and presentation affects their meanings.

Keth has two concurrent exhibitions on the east coast. One at Panopticon Gallery that runs through November 8th, and other at the Kehler Liddell Gallery in New Haven that runs through October 20th

My photography is about my travels which I do a lot; sometimes to interesting places, sometimes not. I travel with my camera expecting to see things of interest photographically; I am rarely disappointed. I am interested in the way we have shaped the landscape, entertaining juxtapositions, color, and stuff. At its root it is about entertainment. Enjoy.

“The only nature I am interested in is my own nature.”
Aaron Siskind

“The most useful thing about art is its uselessness.”
Tom Robbins

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