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Dr. Eran Gilat: Life Science

Israeli photographer and Doctor, Eran Gilat, has combined his work as a scientist (Neurobiology and Imaging) with his love of photography in his series of still lifes, Life Science.

Eran has exhibited in Israel and the US, garnering a solo exhibition last year in the New York Photography Festival. Eran brings the study of life sciences into a aesthetic world, creating environments and scenarios that make the viewer re-examine the unfamiliar and sometimes, the unappealing. But there is also beauty in reality of life, and these still lifes capture the quiet essence of existence. As a side note, the source of all specimens are meat markets or natural history facilities.

This is an attempt of mine to present a personal document of my individual experience in Medical Science research.  The project is inspired by long lasting scientific confrontation with various biological specimens, while engage in Physiological and Medical studies and my devotion to imaging.  It is my personal expression and thoughts on the incredible complexity of the organism and its highly accomplished organs and aesthetics in general.

In Life Science, I wish to offer an artistic expression that brings together observation on scientific research with an emphasis on preparation hierarchy and aesthetics. Many life scientists experience during their career a hierarchical preparatory process, confronting simple systems as well as more complicated ones  to simplify extrapolation to human being applications.

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