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The 2014 Trick or Treat Exhibition, Part 3


Mindi LaRose, Pumpkin Face, Gig Harbor, WA


Ola Onda, Ghost, Los Angeles, CA

Woodsgift Photography

Rusty Joerin, Old Ghost Home, Little Rock, AK



Siobhan Keleher, Boo!, Genoa Wonder Tower, CO


Sally Ann Field, Joyride, Los Angeles, CA


Mildred Alpern, Steppin’ Out, New York City, NY


Troy Holden, Feral Cat on Fence, San Francisco, CA

Shania & Lacey

Lauren Grabelle, Hell Hound, Freehold, NJ


Kristine Kotsch, Thirst, Bethlehem, PA


Panos Lambrou, Ben Running, West Orange, NJ


Jennifer Ruggiero, Ghost in the ceiling, Los Angeles, CA


Liz Steketee, Death Scene #5,San Rafael, CA


Cheryl A Townsend, In The Cellar of Gallery 15, Akron, OH


Paul Beauchemin, Head, Los Angeles, CA


Randy Karg, Just A Little Taste Please, Kansas City, MO


Suzanne Révy, Micheal Meyers, Carlisle, MA


Connie Conway, Museum of Death Players, Los Angeles, CA


Gina Valona, The Bride, Los Angeles, CA


Leslie Hall Brown, In the Ash Grove, Ash Grove, MO


Beth Maier, Dentist, Indianapolis, IN


Arthur Reinaltt, My Biggest Fear, Fairfax, VA


Chris Malmberg, Untitled, Baltimore, MD


Rick Majewski, Giraffe man o the Belmont stop, Chicago, IL


David Miller, Lust of the Dinosaur, Los Angeles, CA


Donna Rosser, Wolf Moon, taken in the front yard, GA


Bobby Chitrakar, Viper in Shadow, NM


Hans Bauer, Two Fools, Elgin, TX


Kathryn Nee, Anela and the Knife


Leslie Niemoeller, Flora, Cologne, Germany


Kevin E Lyle, Evidence 8704 – Apparition 31, Chicago IL


Tytia Habing, Bones, Watson, IL

Color Digital Photo

Denis Hagen, Halloween, Wheaton, IL


Nora Vrublevska, Halloween, Cambridge, MA


Joel Clifton, Before the party, Toronto, Ontario


Thomas Allen, Tommy Girl, Detroit, MI

32Smithson_West coast dracula2

Aline Smithson, West Coast Dracula, Santa Monica, CA


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