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The 2014 Trick or Treat Exhibition, Part 2


Sarah J Stankey, October, Madison, WI


Barbra Walker, Eloise, Alameda, CA

Ann George_Spooky

Ann George, Spooky, Shreveport, LA


Lori Vrba, Mummy, Chapel Hill, NC


Susan Keiser, The Last Wave By No.19, Ossining, NY


Caitlin Ragan, Cacey, Easley, SC


Yvette Meltzer, Boo!, National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago, IL


Adrain Chesser, Fun House, Moorseville, NC


Bryan Regan, Minecraft Steve, Raleigh, NC


Norman Borden, Big Mac Attack, Greenwich Village, NY


Angela Cappetta, Kitty Cat in a Swing, Greenwich Village, NY


Carter Tindall, Ripzta, Wofford College- Spartanburg, SC


Mary Anne Mitchell, The Gate, Atlanta, GA


Kathleen B. Donovan, Enter with Caution, Dallas, TX


Alexandra Smith, Super Hero Party, Milwaukee, WI


Monty Barham, Two Hands, Washington, DC


Wayne Swanson, Web Development, San Diego, CA


Ivan Clemente, AAAAAH, Madrid, Spain


Bryan Hiott, Tintype of the Grim Reaper, Taylors, SC


Marianna Chambard, The Darkness That Is Hidden In Our Minds, Helena, CA


Dale Niles, All Hallows Eve, Palmetto, GA


Christopher Marrs, The Forgotten, Chicago, IL

my favorite

Scott Keidong, Candy Corn, Pittsfield, MA


Xiang-Yun Chen, Once Upon A Time, Albuquerque, NM


Joyce P. Lopez, Penitentes in Blue, Mexico


Joey Potter, Beauty’s Beastly Boo, Decatur, GA


Mark Collins, Good Teeth, Dallas, TX


Harvey Hanig, Dry Run, Batavia IL

Lucky cat with fake nose and glasses

Sheri Lynn Behr, It’s Time, Edgewater, NJ


Bryce Lankard, Twins at Anne Rice party, New Orleans, LA


Brian Christopher Sargent, Headless Horseman, Prospect Park Brooklyn, NY


Cathy Immordino, Toxic Habitation, Glendale, CA


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