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Sebastien Tixier and Salvatore Calafato: CENTER’s Director’s Choice Award

Congratulations to CENTER’s Director’s Choice 2nd Place winner  Sebastien Tixier and 3rd Place winner, Salvatore Calafato. Director’s Choice juror  Enrico Stefanelli, President & Director of Photolux Festival, Italy shared this statement about his selections:

It is an honor for me to have been a part of The Choice Awards. I reviewed very interesting projects and treatments with different photographic languages, from conceptual to portraits, from reportage and photojournalism to the landscape. I congratulate all the photographers because I noticed the high quality of the work and it was not easy to choose the best. Many photographers are on the right path and it is necessary for them to continue. One suggestion is to be very careful with the editing and the smallest details. Sometimes just a single photograph can make a project better or worse. I would also invite photographers to seek their own language and their own mode of expression that differs, if possible, from what we have seen. They have to see the world with “new eyes” and show us this new vision.

The planning, the rigor of the technique and a good edit will ensure that your work is recognized.

Thanks for this opportunity that also for us jurors a time of growth.
Thanks for this opportunity that also for us can become a time of growth.


second_place02Greenland is suffering the effects of climate change and its society has undergone profound evolution over the last few decades. Supermarkets, churches are making their way into Inuit culture, traditional outfits from animal hides mix with modern fabrics. These radical and rapid changes raise questions about society and identity. Its people are torn between a desire to catch up with the modern world, and a feeling that they are an ice population, which like the ice itself, is slowly melting away. “Allanngorpoq” can be translated as “being transformed.”



 A day on the beach by Salvatore Calafato

third_place01In Italy, the 15th of August is a national holiday, and it is seen as the peak of summer.

The beaches that day are very crowded, people even arrive the day before and set up tents just to be sure to have the maximum of their holiday.

They spend all day along at the beach and over there all the usual activities, like playing, eating, sleeping, etc., are done outdoors.

All kind of people are seen, and it is a pleasure to contemplate at the same time so much of humanity enjoying and relaxing under the sun.






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