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Kevin Kline: The States Project: Louisiana

1.three sisters, marais street

©Kevin Kline, three sisters, marais street

For Kevin Kline, photographing interesting people and places in New Orleans is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel. He can just walk out his front door and bam, he has it. What sets his portraits apart is his innate sensitivity to the subject, thus capturing that “soul”.

This body of work illustrates what makes New Orleans and the people who live here so special.

I asked Kevin “Why Louisiana?”

Because New Orleans and Louisiana are dark, beautiful, mysterious, dangerous, and open.


‘someday you will be a memory’

A non-methodical, subjective, and incomplete photographic survey of the pedestrians (and otherwise) of New Orleans in particular and Louisiana in general, including, but not limited to: the neighborhoods of Bywater, Saint Roch, and Saint Claude, etc… on his birthday, piety street

©Kevin Kline, man on his birthday, piety street

3.two sisters burgundy st

©Kevin Kline, two sisters, burgundy street selling candy, rampart st

©Kevin Kline, man selling candy, rampart street

5.woman on burgundy st

©Kevin Kline, woman on burgundy street on his birthday, marais st

©Kevin Kline, man on his birthday, marais street working at corner bar

©Kevin Kline, man working at corner bar, saint bernard avenue, new orleans, 1

©Kevin Kline, bar, saint bernard avenue (detail 1)

9.bar_saint bernard avenue_new orleans_2004_kevin kline_017

©Kevin Kline, bar, saint bernard avenue (detail 2)

10.housepainter, dauphine street

©Kevin Kline, housepainter, dauphine street at corner store_new orleans

©Kevin Kline, man at corner store working at a tire repair shop, saint claude avenue, new orleans

©Kevin Kline, man working at a tire repair shop, saint claude avenue

13.two boys with joint, burgundy street, new orleans

©Kevin Kline, two boys with joint, burgundy street

14.four on a bike,piety street new orleans

©Kevin Kline, four on a bike, piety street

15.young man, piety st

©Kevin Kline, young man, piety street

16.young woman, elysian fields avenue, new orleans

©Kevin Kline, young woman, elysian fields avenue

17.young girl on saint roch avenue

©Kevin Kline, young girl, saint roch avenue

18.bartender, jefferson parish

©Kevin Kline,bartender, jefferson parish pushing cart, jackson avenue

©Kevin Kline, man pushing cart, jackson avenue

20.two school girls, dauphine st

©Kevin Kline, two school girls, dauphine street

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