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Eliot Dudik: Country Made of Dirt


©Eliot Dudick, Country Made of Dirt

Whatever photographic project Eliot Dudik undertakes, the result is at such a high level of excellence that his methodology and imagery inspires and delights. Today, the book-as-object has become as valuable as the photograph and photographers are using this platform to expand their artistic expression. Eliot’s latest offering, Country Made of Dirt, as the artist states “presents a series of vignetted images of ambiguous faces, quiet gestures, and verdant foliage printed in classical tondo compositions and overlaid with text. Simultaneously uplifting and elegiac, Country Made of Dirt manifests ideas of country and community, hope and desire, and allusions to the cycles of life and death, through a meditation on collective myth and ritual. The book’s unique scale and presentation provides an intimate viewing experience from which each viewer is invited to consider our shared yearning for fellowship and meaning amidst the inevitability of loss”.

Country Made of Dirt includes sixteen platinum and palladium photographs, handmade by Eliot. The images are accompanied by a poem written by Arielle Greenberg, letterpress printed by Dudik on vellum. The book is situated within a handmade box that transforms into a viewing stand with convex lens. The book and box were designed and constructed by Eliot Dudik in an edition of 20 with 1 artist proof.

In addition to this Country Made of Dirt, Eliot has launched the weekly Silver Print Collection-more on this at the end of the post.

The photographic art works and books by Eliot Dudik are found in institutional and private collections across the globe. His work explores the connection between culture, place, and history, while trying to understand the human condition, especially as it exists in the United States where he lives and works. His first monograph, ROAD ENDS IN WATER, was published in 2010. In 2012, Dudik was named one of PDN’s 30 New and Emerging Photographers to Watch and one of Oxford American Magazine’s 100 New Superstars of Southern Art. He was awarded the PhotoNOLA Review Prize in 2014 for his BROKEN LAND and STILL LIVES portfolio, resulting in a book publication and solo exhibition.


©Eliot Dudik, Slipcase and book

Dudik’s photographs have been published in Smithsonian Magazine, New York Times, CNN, Oxford American Magazine, as well as featured in Lenscratch, View Camera Magazine, Rangefinder Magazine, Photo District News (PDN), Hotshoe International, Feature Shoot, BuzzFeed, The Great Leap Sideways, Guide to Unique Photography (GUP) Magazine, and VICE, among many others.


©Eliot Dudik, Slipcase and book

His photographs have been installed in solo and group exhibitions across the world including the Griffin Museum of Photography, Center for Fine Art Photography, Dishman Art Museum, Morris Museum of Art, Masur Museum of Art, Muscarelle Museum of Art, Cassilhaus, Annenberg Space for Photography, Columbia Museum of Art, Southeast Museum of Photography, the Chiang Mai Photo Festival, the Southern Gallery of Contemporary Art, Gordon Art Galleries at Old Dominion University, Welch Gallery at Georgia State University, Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery at Coastal Carolina University, Staniar Gallery at Washington and Lee University, Warner Gallery at St. Andrew’s School, New Orleans Photo Alliance, Carte Blanche Gallery, Davis Gallery at the Mayo Clinic, and the Carlson Gallery at the University of La Verne to name a few.


©Eliot Dudik, Country Made of Dirt elements

He has given over 40 lectures and workshops across the United States to date, and published 9 books. He will be releasing a new book in collaboration with photographer Meg Griffiths through Zatara Press in spring 2018. During summer 2018, Dudik’s work will be included in the Mulhouse Biennial of Photography at the French Cultural Center in Freiburg, Germany.

Dudik taught photography at the University of South Carolina from 2011 to 2014 before founding the photography program within the Department of Art & Art History at the College of William & Mary where he is currently teaching.


©Eliot Dudik, Country Made of Dirt, preparing the stand



©Eliot Dudik, Country Made of Dirt, Viewing stand and book


©Eliot Dudik, Country Made of Dirt, Viewing stand and book


©Eliot Dudik, Country Made of Dirt


©Eliot Dudik, Country Made of Dirt


©Eliot Dudik, Country Made of Dirt


©Eliot Dudik, Country Made of Dirt


©Eliot Dudik, Country Made of Dirt


©Eliot Dudik, Country Made of Dirt


©Eliot Dudik, Country Made of Dirt


©Eliot Dudik, Country Made of Dirt


©Eliot Dudik, Country Made of Dirt


©Eliot Dudik, Country Made of Dirt


©Eliot Dudik, Country Made of Dirt


©Eliot Dudik, Country Made of Dirt


©Eliot Dudik, Country Made of Dirt


©Eliot Dudik, Country Made of Dirt

Designed and produced by Eliot Dudik.
Platinum & palladium prints handmade by the artist on Hahnemühle Platinum Rag at the College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia.
Type set in Mrs Eaves and Trade Gothic and letterpress printed on a Vandercook Universal I.
Letterpress printed and bound while in residence at Maine Media Workshops + College, Rockport, Maine.
Poem sequence written by Arielle Greenberg in Belfast, Maine,
Photographs & design © 2017 Eliot Dudik, 9mark press | Text © 2017 Arielle Greenberg.


©Eliot Dudik, Charles City, Virginia, 2017

Eliot states about his limited Silver Print Collection:

In an effort to have a little fun and place some fresh new prints in collections where people will enjoy them at affordable prices, I’m excited to launch the weekly Silver Print Collection.

My personal collection of photographs from artists across the globe is dominated by small, black and white, silver prints. I’ve found this curious for some time as the work I’m most known for are massive color prints. I’ve always been attracted to the luscious surface and tonal depth of the silver gelatin print, and it is my favorite process and material to teach to young photographers for its ability to elevate consciousness, consideration, and deliberateness. As much as this is an effort to produce prints that are affordable to all types of collectors, it is also an excuse for me to dive into the darkroom where I am at home.

I will be releasing a new edition of silver gelatin prints each week. The prints are made by me in an edition of seven with two artist proofs. During the inaugural week, the print will sell for $125. When the new print for the following week is posted, the previous week’s print, should any remain, will be archived and available for $300.

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