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Perceptions 2012

Opening tomorrow night at the Julia Dean Photography Center, is a wonderful exhibition, Perceptions 2012, that features a group of terrific emerging photographers making work in Los Angeles.

The exhibition will feature a wide range of approaches and each reflect larger series of what is shown.

Sandra Klein’s Body and Soul is a series of digital images enhanced by hand-embroidered poetry sewn into the photograph.

Sandra Klein’s Body and Soul

Susan Swihart’s Eat on the Street explores the current street food revolution of food trucks in and around Los Angeles.

Susan Swihart, Eat on the Street

Jane Lena Schulman’s Family Inheritances seeks to explore the psychological, emotional, and interpersonal influences of family relationships and experiences.

Jane Lena Schulman, Family Inheritances

Kizzy O’Neal’s My American Dream is a collection of photographs documenting a small glimpse into the world of action sports.

Kizzy O’Neal, My American Dream

Patty Lemke’s Baraboo and Beyond, is an emblem for the quiet beauty of lonely farmlands, all centric characters and quirky roadside attractions across the American Midwest with time spent in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Patty Lemke, Baraboo and Beyond

Mike Spitz’s For The Record takes us on a nostalgic trip through used record stores of Los Angeles and beyond.

Mike Spitz, For the Record

Rina Shapira’s Illuminated captures light painting on the black canvas of night, reassuringly letting us know that the world is still there.

Rina Shapira, Illuminated

Hannah Kozak’s Pain and Loneliness is a series of nude portraits reflecting an extremely private person who never allowed herself to be vulnerable.

Hannah Kozak, Pain and Loneliness

Valerie Patterson’s Shoes & Chandeliers is a series of vignette-style snapshots inspired by the life of Marie Antoinette.

Val Patterson, Shoes and Chandeliers

 and unnoticed moments along Rodeo Drive, the most famous street in Beverly Hills.

Frank Harrell, The Digital Indifference of the Bourgeousie

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