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Maury Gortemiller: Do the Priest in Different Voices

Body Parts

Body Parts ©Maury Gortemiller

Maury Gortemiller has a visual language that is full of humor, acute observations, and conceptual story telling.  His project, Do the Priest in Different Voices, examines a personal narrative about faith and mythology.

Maury photographs and teaches in Atlanta, GA. He is also a competitive apneist, and plans to make an attempt on the breath-holding world record by the end of fiscal year 2014. Gortemiller holds an MFA in Photography from the University of Georgia, and MA in Southern Studies from the University of Mississippi and a BA in English from Baylor University.

 Do the Priest in Different Voices

 My most profound childhood memory involves reading a family bible. The illustrations, mostly Baroque-era paintings, did not function as a mere visual embodiment of the text. Rather, the pictures communicated in a far more powerful language, evoking both comfort and trepidation. The words of the book provided little interest, but the imagery moved me to contemplate the unseen. It is the pictures I remember – not the words.

The imbalance remains when I consider the possibility of a personal faith. While I am ambivalent towards the old established narratives, the semblance of the mythical in the mundane enthralls. I identify this conflict in the everyday: objects and situations that are alternately ineffable, laughable, and at times terrifying.

Chariot of Fire

Chariot of Fire ©Maury Gortemiller

Feeding the Multitude

Feeding the Multitude ©Maury Gortemiller


Ghosts ©Maury Gortemiller

Hell and Backwards

Hell and Backwards ©Maury Gortemiller

Kraft Singles

Kraft Singles ©Maury Gortemiller

Legs in the Lions Mouth

Legs in the Lions Mouth ©Maury Gortemiller

Penance Tattoo

Penance Tattoo ©Maury Gortemiller

Roadside Vision

Roadside Vision ©Maury Gortemiller

Sacrificial Glam

Sacrificial Glam ©Maury Gortemiller

Smoke of the Anger

Smoke of the Anger ©Maury Gortemiller

St Augustine, 737, Atlas 5 Rocket Body

St Augustine, 737, Atlas 5 Rocket Body ©Maury Gortemiller

Star Gate Sequence

Star Gate Sequence ©Maury Gortemiller

The Clouds are the Dust of His Feet

The Clouds are the Dust of His Feet ©Maury Gortemiller

The Pity

The Pity ©Maury Gortemiller

Visible Man

Visible Man ©Maury Gortemiller

You'll Never Walk Alone

You’ll Never Walk Alone ©Maury Gortemiller

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