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The 2014 Trick or Treat Exhibition


Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Washing Zombie, Wichita Falls, TX

Happy Halloween! Thank you for all your wonderful photographs of all things creepy and other worldly. We are ready to start the Halloween howling and candy eating.  A big thank you to Sarah Stankey for all her efforts in putting together this three part post–so keep scrolling!


Diane M. Peterson, Don’t Open the Door to Strangers, Forest, ID


Debra Wells, Purple Girl, Brooklyn, NY


Scott Lerman, Hanging Skeleton, NY

Baby with Skeleton Hand

Rebecca Martinez, Beginning to End, San Francisco, CA


Stan Raucher, Scorpion, Oaxaca, Mexico

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Sara Silks, Ravens in the Attic, Overland Park, KS


Jamie Johnson, Trick or Treat, Los Angeles, CA


Carol Erb, Half Nose Man, Kalamazoo, MI


D Kelly, Halloweeeen, New York, NY


Trisha Barry, Nursery, Gardner MA


Melanie Walker, Deer in Headlights, Boulder, CO


Don Getsug, Trick or Treat, MD


Maureen Bond, The other side of the Street, Los Angeles, CA


Frauke Langguth, Give me your hand, Berlin, Germany


John DuBois, Candy Crush, Issaquah, WA


GE McKerrihan, Coyote Mask, Phoenix, AZ


Diane Drinnon, Mo’Jack, New York, NY


Ellen Jantzen, The Legend was Embellished, Chesterfield, MO


Tammy Mercure, Untitled, Lebanon, TN


Frank Fuerst, Face Off, New Orleans, LA


Charles Hezsely, Scary Junior, Waconia, MN


Mary McGuire, Gotcha, Deerfield Beach, FL


Susan Burnstine, Raven as The Raven, Los Angeles CA


Maureen Haldeman, La Catrina, Santa Ana, CA


Carol Watson, Procesión de los Muertos, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Mark Indig, Sepulveda Dam, Los Angeles, CA


John Neel, Lucky, Rochester, NY


Diane Fenster, Season of the Witch, Pacifica, CA


Kendall Messick, Devon, Townsend, DE


Claude Peschel Dutombe, Dreams of a Distant Place, Thailand


Michael Jantzen, Alien, St. Louis, MO


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