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Content-Aware: Tommy Bruce


I am a fire, 2015

Tommy Bruce is an artist, poet and documentarian living in Baltimore, Maryland. He received his BFA in Photography with a Minor in Creative Writing from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2014. He was born in the small town of Boalsburg, Pennsylvania just outside of State College, PA and Penn State University.  His work, while firmly rooted in photographic practice, reaches across various mediums including performance, video, sculpture, poetry and non-fiction writing. Currently, his work is divided into two bodies, one focusing on a conceptual photographic practice concerning the intersection of domestic life and fine art experience, the other a long-running photo documentary series investigating the transgressive subculture of the furry community.


Fogging my glasses to make the world look different, 2014


The light that comes in through my windows every night, 2014


The Sun Is Out, (work in progress), 2015

tbruce_thesis_cargo-9_600 copy

Birds, and the opposite of “Birds” (part 1 & 2), 2014

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