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The 2017 Unnatural Exhibition

©Ellen Friedlander The Red Balloon, Hong Kong SAR China

Happy Halloween! Today’s exhibition features work that ranges from things out of place to the just plain weird…and maybe it’s what’s unnatural in the world that catches our eye and keeps things intesting. Thank you to Daniel Chung and Daniel McCullogh for all their efforts in compiling the exhibition and thanks to our readers for submitting work!  Our next call is The Dinner Table to run on Thanksgiving!  And now,


©Dan Lopez, Rainbow Wash, Los Angeles, CA

©Dillon Bryant, Palliate, Vermillion, SD

©PWMD, Lustre, St. Louis, MO

©Alyssa Kaboskey, The Dawn, Milwaukee, WI

©Charles Allen Haynes, Rocking Horse, Wetzlar, Germany

©Vicki Hunt, Being Watched, Chicago

©Nick Tarasov, Bear Paw, Saint Petersburg, Russia

©Maureen Haldeman, MM, Hollywood, CA

©Jim McKinniss, Reading the Menu, Venice, Italy

©Cory Stubing, Cross, County Mayo, Ireland, CA

©Theo Carol, Me and the Ghost, Long Island, NY

©Valerie Galloway, “The Gang is All Here”, Houston St., NYC.

©Bryan Regan, Freakshow,Raleigh, NC

©Lea Murphy, Puddle Ride, Kansas City, MO

©Lisa Newberry-Harris, The Exile of Eve, Montgomery, TX

©​A​nne-Laure Autin and Amy Kanka Valadarsky​, ​Untitled #3, ​The Hague, the Netherlands and Even Yehuda, Israel

©Natsha Nandabhiwat, Space Glitch, Bangkok, Thailand

©Joseph Häxan, ‘Suburbia II’, South Australia

©Summer Kalani Howard, Caution, Portland, OR

©Penny Felts, Blue Barbie, Nashville,Tn

©Charles Pratt, Cellulose and North Carolina, Lejeune, NC

© Marien Gadea , “Yesterday is Here” , Valencia (Spain)

©Julian Lucas, Lost Souls of War, Hollywood, CA

©Lawrence Schwartzwald, Books On Bus, Madison Ave., New York, NY

©Russ Rowland, Force of Nature, New York City

©Wayne Swanson, The Great Pumpkin, San Diego, CA

@Mara Zaslove, Soft Landing, Sydney, New Zealand

©Eric J. Keller, Portal, Santa Fe, NM

©Brittany Kelley, The Birds, Bristow, Ok

©Donna Rosser, Baby Takes a Ride, Fayette County, GA

©Kristin L. Ware, Skeletons on Parade, Austin, TX

© Christophe Poussières, The little iron witch, Paris, CA

©M. Sharkey, UNTITLED (Transmogrified), NYC

©Geoffrey Ridenour, Strange Days, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

©Jerry Downs, Udderly Ridiculous, Idaho

©hannah kozak, Bird Head in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, Zihuatanejo, Mexico

©Kristen Grzeca, Cope, Milwaukee, WI

©Avital Oehler, Film Still from Life is a Room, Los Angeles, CA

©Javier Alejandro, Backstage of life, Tijuana, México

©Amanda Greene, Probate Court, Danielsville, GA

©Debe Arlook, Yellow Birds, Los Angeles, CA

©Michael Bach, Motion study, Troy, NY

©Mike Whiteley, Tree and Squirrel, Longmont, CO

©Pink Light Images, Portal, Madison WI

©Deborah Sfez, The Eye, Israel

©Mark Pariani & Brittani Marie Crawford, Hisako, Jacksonville, FL

©Victor M Ramos, The Uber Driver, Joshua Tree, CA

©Diane Cockerill, Mishandled, Los Angeles, CA

©Kathryn Reichert, I Can’t Wake Up, Fairbanks, AK

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