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The 2011 LENSCRATCH Masks, Costumes, and Halloween Exhibition

Steven De La Cruz, The Shining #1, Los Angeles, CA

Halloween happens to be one of my favorite celebrations. For the past two years, I have set up camp outside my house with a backdrop and camera and photographed every single tricker treater. I am total sucker for a kid in a costume…and any excuse to eat candy. I’m starting off the roster with photographs by my friend, Steven De La Cruz, who has a new series based on favorite horror films, and mine just happens to be The Shining.

Thank you to all the contributing photographers for their wonderful images and interpretations. I hope you have a wonderful Hallowed Eve, full of fun, treats, and a few good tricks.

The 2011 Masks, Costumes, and Halloween Exhibition

Steven De La Cruz, The Shining #2, Los Angeles, CA

Alex Nichols, Self Portrait as a Werewolf, Brighton, Michigan

Laurie McCormick, Whitney Bones RIP, Brentwood, CA

Linda Posnick, Untitled, Forever Hollywood “Dia Los Muertos” Festival, Hollywood, Ca.
Oct. 22, 2011

Sarah Hadley, Hawaiian Horse Witch, Lexington Heights, Michigan

Theo DeHart, Untitled, Salton Sea, CA

Susan Swihart, El Fin, Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Brad Buckman, Backstage, Burbank, CA

Eva Frøkjær Ersland , Mask, Bomio, Norway

Rebekkah Linton Gillett, A Little Tied Up Right Now, Glasgow Zombie Walk in Glasgow, U.K.

Sheri Lynn Behr, Lucha Libre, Olvera Street , Los Angeles, CA

the cinemascapist, mule-deer stag party ritual, Lyon Mountain, NY

Kate Wilhelm, Dress Rehearsal, Guelph, ON, Canada, 2009

Warren Harold, Dr. Zahm Bee, Houston, TX

Cynthia Wood, Kinky, Treat Street, San Francisco, CA

Emily Joy Zeller, Still from Myth #2, Rochester, NY

Judith Steiner, Unitled, Marin County, CA

Brian Luman, Peka, The corner of my room, Liberty, OH

Ursula Sokolowska, Doll #6, Chicago, IL

Angela Bacon Kidwell, Glowbath 9/13/11, Wichita Falls, Texas

Joseph Verrastro, Zombie Walk, Buffalo, NY 10/31/09

Larry Torno, Masquerade #944, St. Louis, MO

The Large Format Group, Untitled from the spirit series, Brattleboro VT

Kaity De Laura, In Limbo (From Masked Series), New Jersey

Eduardo Florez, masked, El Medano, Canary Islands, Spain

Eleonora Ronconi, Blue Eyes Blue, Santa Clara, CA

Zeren Badar, Red Lips from the series Invasion, Fire Island, NY

Rodolfo Vanmarcke, Fox I, from Modern Solitudes, Caracas, Venezuela

Ken Rosenthal, Maquillage, from the series That Was The River, This Is The Sea, Tucson, AZ

Kramer O’Neill, untitled, New York City, NY

Matt Licari, Children Playing, Bronx, NY, 2007

Winky Lewis, Elvis in the Window, Summer 2011, Isle au Haut, Me

Bruce Morton, Orb, Rural West Central Illinois

Gina Randazzo, Twelfth Night, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

Rolfe Ross, Halloween Parade, New York City

Sara Jane Boyers,Taking Over, Your Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Chere Pafford, Twins from The Fair series, Boise, Idaho

Valery Rizzo, Blue woman, The Mermaid Parade, Coney Island, Brooklyn

Jeffrey T. Baker, Come Out (That the World May See), 2011

Curtis Koshimizu, Ultra, China

Paris Visone, Last Scene – Blondie-Mother, Kingston, NY 2010

Bootsy Holler, King Baby, Seattle, WA

Heidi Lender, Smith & Wesson 2011, Garberville, CA

Ryan Hoffman, Halloween Frog, Mesa, Arizona

Leslie Burns, Sam as Frank, Lamar, SC

Jamie Johnson, Deja vu, Sherman Oaks, CA

Deborah Parkin, The Cat on the Bike, UK

BJ Lloyd, Queen of the Recently Undead, Danbury CT

Scott Hubener, Emi as Vampire, Asheville, NC

Joni Kabana, My Friend Smith, Portland

Consuelo Méndez, ¿it is a dog, my lady?, National Gallery of Art, Caracas, Venezuela, 2010

Jeff Carr, Killer Corn Dogs, Oakland Cemetery; Atlanta, GA

Pat Morrissey, Weathered mask by John Neville, Stirling, Scotland

Chuck Mintz, Isaac and Jill, Cleveland, OH

Panos Lambrou, Halloween, West Orange, NJ

Stan Raucher, Man in Mask, Barrio de Jalatlaco, Oaxaca, Mexico

Heidi Kirkpatrick, Mask, Portland, OR

Sebastian Shuster, Things to Come, Flowery Branch, Georgia

Robbie Kaye, India Goul, Los Angeles, CA

Shaun Hines, Untitled, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK.

Karen Janas, Escapee, Chicago area, Illinois

Sandra Louise Dyas, Susan with the Red Tomato, near Andrew, Iowa

John F. Martin, Bird Face, from the San Francisco Opera production of Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi

Danielle Kelly, Masked, NYC Halloween Parade, NY

Lilith, Action Lilith: On the edge (self-portrait) 2011, The roof of my house (The Netherlands)

Donita Simpson, Halloween Window, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Sandra Chen Weinstein, blanc, New Orleans.

Leonard Correra, Ready to Roll, Tustin, CA

Jeff Friesen, Masquerade, Venice, Italy

Cheryl Koralik, Masque Dan, Grand Bassam, Cote d’Ivoire

Jane Gottlieb, High Flying, Santa Barbara, CA

Elias Davis, Los Angeles Halloween, Los Angeles, CA

Joseph Brunjes, Family Portrait, Wilmington, North Carolina

Paul Romaniuk, Jack O’Lantern Graveyard, Victoria, BC

Deborah Yun, Carnevale di Venezia, Venice, Italy

Russell Joslin, Untitled, Minneapolis, MN

Mark Berndt, Megan with Mask, Los Angeles, CA

Harvey Hanig, Suburban darth vader series: suburban darth carrying groceries, Grocery store lot in Aurora Il

Larry Brownstein, Halloween Carnival, West Hollywood, California

Aileen Reilly, Seven Witches, Two Characters, One Princess and A Dog, Oakton, Virginia

Lilliana Johnson, The Wolf, Sherman Oaks, CA

André França, Scream Redhead Girl, London

Javier Sánchez, She’s a zombie, Mexico City

Amo Passicos, Carnival of souls 2, La Grande Motte, France

Connie Conway, Day of the Dead, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA

formento+formento, Getting Along from series Fashion Furry, Brooklyn, New York

Lori Bell, Little pumpkin man, Pacifica, CA

Bruce Long, Grrrr and Brrrr, Hanau, Germany

Ron Kern, Frankie, Southwest Michigan

Gina Kelly, Sean and Fionnula, County Donegal, Ireland

Dan Porter, Wings, Vancouver, Canada

Ali Donnelly, Trickery, North Carolina, USA

Patricia A. Bender, Mask (2), East Lansing, MI

Charlene Hardy, Homemade, Kennewick, WA

Carol S. Dass, Have some Cake, Wet Plate Collodion, Hollywood, CA October 2011

Carolyn Hampton, Where Evil Lurks, Los Angeles, California

Joanne Barsanti, Scary Halloween Props, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Susan Weingartner, The Joker, Los Angeles, CA

Matt Chmielarczyk, I’m With Him I’m With Him, New York City Halloween Parade 2008,
New York, NY

Mary Ann Lynch, October Angel, NYC 2010

Heather Oelklaus, Circus Princess, Colorado Springs, CO

Issa Sharp, Cedar, Los Angeles, CA

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