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2011 LENSCRATCH Luck Exhibition

The world doesn’t feel very lucky these days, but I am hoping that the luck of the Irish will spread around the globe and create some much needed miracles.

What is luck? Webster’s states it’s the force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person’s life, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities, or it’s good fortune– advantage or success, considered as the result of chance.

We all live in a state of chance–turn right and you get hit by a bus, turn left you get a prime parking spot, but these days, the idea of a lucky penny or a four leaf clover looks pretty good.

The photographers below have interpreted the idea of LUCK in a variety of ways–lucky to get the shot, luck is within the shot, and objects that represent luck.

Thank you for taking a look, and I hope you are wearing green. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The LUCK exhibition
Susan A. Barnett, St. Patricks Day from the series “not In Your Face”, New York, NY

Doug DuBois, Jordon up the lampost, Cobh, Ireland 2010

Michael Werner, The lucky shot – Madonna in Paris, Paris, France

Yoichi Nagata, Here comes the sun, even if you never look upon the sky, Japan

Claudia Danielso, Lucky Duck, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Monica L. Shulman, Lucky, New York, NY

Josephine Close, The S.S. Fortune, unknown

Colleen Plumb, Pig Race, 2004, Hampshire, Illinois

Mark Tanner, Lucky Penny, Los Angeles, CA

Dana Curran, exhale #4, Plymouth, MA

Mary Ann Lynch, Casino cashier with lucky Marilyn Monroe Coin, Old Las Vegas Strip, 1997, Las Vegas, NV

Bruce Barone, Unconditional Love, Northampton, MA

Jessica Tampas, Lobsangluck, Chicago, IL

Frank Biringer, Hurra!, Stord, Norway

Enrique Ahumada, Lucky U, Los Angeles, CA

Jane Fulton Alt, Horseshoe, Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans 2005

William C. Hutton Jr., Casino Parking Garage, 06/30/10, Maryland Heights, Missouri

Max Juhasz, War Veteran, 2009, Vukovar, Croatia

Rachel Wolfe, Sunday Games, Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA

Sylvia de Swaan, La Santa Muerte – Dios me cuida, Ella me guia (God protects me, She guides me), La Calle Rembrandt, Mexico, D.F. 2010

Bea Fresno, In Between Lucky Green, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Robbie Kaye, Rescued Baby Birds, Santa Monica, CA

Connie Conway, Standing Stone – Proleek Dolman, County Louth, Ireland

Carolyn Hampton, Luck Be a Lady, Sherman Oaks, CA

Laurie McCormick, Royal Flush, Brentwood, CA

Mitch Karunaratne, Escape Stories, London, UK

Dick Simon, Fortune Teller, Chichicastenago, Guatemala

Deon Reynolds, Double Lucky, Portland, OR

Laura Noel, Fountain, Philadelphia, 2007

Claire Mallett, Winner!, Las Vegas, NV

Jennifer Shaw, Floating Clovers, New Orleans, LA

Allison Donnelly, Kite, Durham, NC

Ashley West Leonard, I Make My Own Luck, Los Angeles, CA

Anne Berry, Unicorn and Faery House (from the Beast Fables series), Inisheer, Ireland, 2010

James Friedman © 2011 Serendipity: accidentally melted photographic film emulsion, San Francisco, California

Joanna Black, Thought controlled luck!, Edinburgh penny arcade

Peter Spurgeon, Lucky Buddha, Miyajima, Japan

Neil Phillips, Night Shift, Los Angeles, CA

Antoine Blanchet, Rouge vif, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Randy Magnus, Not as Lucky as You Think, Nana Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand

Sheri Lynn Behr, Lucky Cat,

Jane Gottlieb, Cat’s Cradle, Chile

Aline Smithson, Cards, Los Angeles, CA

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