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2012 LENSCRATCH Holiday Exhibition

Happy Holidays to all!!!
Every Christmas, someone in my family is the designated Santa, distributing the gifts under the tree in a timely and thoughtful manner–not too many at once, and keeping an eye out for who is empty handed…and this Christmas will be no different. Today on Lenscratch though, I get to play Santa and share your wonderful photographic gifts all at once, like a cornocopia of holiday riches.  Thank you so much for reading, supporting, and being part of the Lenscratch community.  I am truly grateful for how you enrich my life, and prove to me over and over what an amazing community this is. Thank you for sharing posts, retweeting tweets, and adding your thoughtful comments.
Again, huge thanks to Sarah Stankey and Grant Gill for all their assistance.
May this week and this day be filled with love, laughter, and photographs.
(there are three posts so keep going!)
Kristy Carpenter, Home for Christmas, Bronson, MI
Patrizia Fusi, untitled , New York City, NY
Kevin McCollisterLobby, East Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
 Yvette Meltzer, Welcome Home, Rittman, Ohio
Angie McMonigal, Holiday Wonder, Chicago, IL
Christopher Rocco, Snowman Bokeh, Blackwood, NJ
Harvey Zipkin, Wellington, New Zealand
Sharon Johnson-Tennant, Offering, Los Angeles, CA
Eben Ostby, Snowman, El Cerrito, CA
Stephanie Cosby, Christmas Mass, Grandpa’s Farm, OH
Winifred Simon, untitled, Moody Gardens, Galveston, TX
Michelle Rogers Pritzl, Salem Christmas Tree, Salem, MA
Bill DeLanney, Christmas Porch, Albany,NY
Linda AlterwitzManger in Bogata Factory, Bogata, Columbia
Mike Whiteley, Christmas Goose, Longmont CO
Jeff Evans, Laptop in Fireplace, Yorkville, IL
Seyhan Gungor, Angels, Zonguldak, Turkey
Nathan Pearce, The New Year, Mount Vernon, IL
Kate T. ParkerChristmas Play Angel, Roswell, GA
Simonette Bustos, Christmas: Nostalgia Mingles with the Present, Chicago Area
My late mother bought the nativity scene the year I was born and gave to me when I moved into my first apartment. While it remains for the most part intact, most of the hay is gone and Joseph is missing. The Frosty’s are decorations I’ve gotten a few years ago while the tree & lights are fairly new. The culmination brings so many wonderful memories of my childhood and eagerness for new memories.
Vicki Hunt, Santa’s Hood Ornament, Atlanta, GA
Karin Ott, Hearts, Copenhagen, Denmark
Arturo Soto, Untitled, Mexico City
Margaret Holland Adams12/25/2011 09:58:57 from Epoch, Green Acres, Wilmington, DE
David Shults, Central Park Christmas Eve, New York, NY
Leslie J. Yerman, Skating in Bryant Park, New York City, NY
Michael Ast, Post Christmas, Lehigh County, PA 
Akihiro FurutaHappy Christmas, Edogawa, Tokyo
Salvo ToscanoNew Year Day 2012, wishes of a silly new year, England


Deena Feinberg, The Greenhouse, Rhinebeck, NY


Randy Karg, Antique store Santa, Walnut, IA
Mary Anne Mitchell, Happy Holiday, Atlanta, GA
Susan A. Barnett, The State Fair, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN


Jay Muhlin, from 99 Days Prompt: Empty Cart, Philadelphia, PA



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