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2012 LENSCRATCH Masks and Costumes Exhibition

Thank you so much for your wonderfully creepy submissions to the 2012 LENSCRATCH Masks and Costumes Exhibition.  I find it very comforting to know there are so many photographers willing to color outside the lines!  A HUGE thank you to my very capable editorial assistants, Sarah Stankey and Grant Gill for their assistance with this post.

Fran FormanAll Hallow’s Day in Wellfleet, Wellfleet, MA
Sandra Ramirez, Lucha Leo, Chicago, IL
Aaron “cinemascapist” Hobson, Everything’s a dream when you’re alone (Swamp Thing), Adirondacks
Consuelo Mendez, Green Masks, Caracas, Venezuela
Krista Steinke, she ate it but it made her heart bleed, rural NY
Donna Rosser, Shenanigans, Serenbe
Lynn Estomin, The Shining Ball, Estes Park, CO
Ivanna Vidal, Engaged Between Adulthood and Childhood, Miami, FL
Shawna Gibbs, Clone Trooper Picking Apples, Springfield, VT
Mary Ann Lynch, Hotel Chelsea Ghosts, Halloween Eve New York, NY 2010/12
Tytia Habing, The Reaper, Watson, IL
Rachel Giles, The Wolf Guitarist, Chicago, IL
Gina Kelly, Tessa as Inkler, Minneapolis, MN
Stan Banos, Three Amigos, San Francisco, CA
Bootsy Holler, Vintage Resin Hockey Mask, Seattle, WA
Adrienne Moumin, Beyond 7, Beyond 7 Clothing Showroom, New York, NY
Kay Erickson, Twirly Eyes, Long Beach, CA
Kate Joyce, Untitled, Bridgman, MI
Tom Chambers, They Comfort, Arches National Park
Jennifer Moore, Untitled (With Deer Skulls), Lockport, IL
Sara Hopkins, Sister T’Keela, Atlanta, GA
Laura Chenault, coyuntura critica, Day of the Dead parade, San Francisco, CA 2007
Laura Glabman, Untitled, Mermaid Parade, Coney Island, NY 2010
Kathleen B. Donovan, Nail-Head, Dallas, TX
AnnMarie Tornabene, Reflect, Wilmington, DE
Robert A. Schaefer, Jr., Wet Plate Masked Woman, New York City, NY
Hugh Talman , Colleague, New Orleans, LA
Liza Macrae, Pecos River, Villanueva, New Mexico 2008
Oren Oaariki, Ducky, Tapapakanga Regional Park, New Zealand
Su Hendeles, The Janitor, Whanganui, New Zealand 
Akihiro Furuta, Horse Woman, Chiba, Japan
Thomas Kittel, In The Shadows, Brooklyn, NY
Lana Z CaplanZombies, Occupy Wall Street, Zuccotti Park, Oct. 2011
Stacie Turner, Bunny Mask, West Hartford, CT
Russ Rowland, Super, New York, NY
Harvey Zipkin, Mask, Sosua The Dominican Republic
 Roger Carl Johanson, Can Jewelry be Art, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle, Me
Michael Barath, Annette, Sculptor, Canton, OH
Jason Neely, Parade, Cusco, Cusco, Peru
Mark Kalan, Kittens, New York, NY
Stan Raucher, Sin Cabeza, Oaxaca, Mexico
Lauren Grabelle, Kenneth, Albuquerque, NM

Aline Smithson, Mask, Los Angeles, CA

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